Munich daytrip to Rothenberg

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Munich daytrip to Rothenberg

Will be in Munich in late Oct. for six days.
How long does it take by rail to to Rothenberg? Is this a good choice for a daytrip?
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It's been at least 4 years since I was there,so my memory is not perfect by any means, but I'd guess it's 1 1/2 to 2 hours by car, so less by rail, depending on stops. You should be able to do a daytrip pretty well.
Rothenberg is definitely worth the trip!
It shouldn't be missed...
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Mike- The train will take you 3-4 hours with 1 to 3 changes. Check "" for schedules. Doable and worth it!
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Trains from Munich to Steinach bei Rothenburg take about 2 1/2 hours. Change there for the 14 minute trip to Rothenburg.
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Another option would be take a bus tour. I did that last year, and I thought it was pretty good.
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Yes, it's a good day trip and can be a very cheap train ticket.

If you travel on the cheap, up to 5-person Schöneswochende ticket (Sat or Sun), you can leave as early as you please (the Bayern Ticket (M-F) restricts travel until after 9 a.m.). I think there is a 2-transfer connection leaving Munich central station between 8-8:30 a.m.

You can also go M-F, but you either (i)pay more or (ii) leave later.
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The Bayern ticket is now also good on weekends (just in Bavaria of course) for 22 euros. The weekend ticket is 28 euros. The difference is that the weekend ticket is good for all of Germany. Both are only valid on regional trains.
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do you know if the bayern ticket is now valid before 9 a.m. on weekends?
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I would highly suggest staying overnight in Rothenburg-it's a totally different place without all the day trippers and IMO about 100% more enjoyable without all the Japanese tourists. Don't miss the Nightwatchman's walking tour either.
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Thanks for the great advice everyone.
Sounds like a great place to visit?
Any special things not to miss there?
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If you like to shop Kathe Wolfhart's Christmas stores are world-renowned. They are amazing!!!
The Criminology Museum (museum of medieval law and torture) is fascinating.
Be sure to walk around on the town walls for an incredible view, I also enjoyed climbing to the top of the belltower in the Town Hall.
The Night Watchman's Tour is so much fun and free too, definitely try to stay overnight to do it.
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I was in Rothenberg in December 2002 - it was like stepping back in time. Train is easy. If you stay over the Nightwatchman's tour is great. I second a visit to the Kathe Wolfhart store for Christmas things - wonderful selection. I got up early one morning to take pictures and it felt like I had the whole town to myself. Go and enjoy!
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ROTHENBURG has been one of my wife's and I favorite stops in Germany since we first found it in 1970. I concur with the recommendations to stay overnight. The town is different at night.

If you do stay overnight take the nightwatchman's tour that leaves at 8pm from the town English. Great way to see the city and learn about it. Also the guy is funny. Tour takes about 1 hour.

Hotels: We enjoy the MARKUSTURM or the REICHS KUCHENMEISTER. Both located within the walls and close to city center. The REICHS has a good restaurant even if you do not stay there.

Another interesting place to eat is HELL. Located in an old forge near the criminal museum. Quaint and the food is pretty good. Try to sit in the downstairs area. Criminal museum is worth a visit. Interesting.

Kathe's is great for Christmas stuff. Be sure you visit the main store on the same side of the street as the Eisenhut Hotel as Kathe has many locations in town now. The main store is the one all are talking about seeing. Plus, we have found her prices to be very good and fair. If you see something there you like, buy it there. You will not find it too much cheaper anywhere else, if you do find it. Their shipping works very well also.

I would get a car and make the drive to Rothenburg. There are nice towns to see along the way and the countryside is nice once you leave the autobahn. Germany is an easy country to drive in.

Have fun!
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Rothenburg is definitely worth staying overnight for the Watchman's tour alone. Maybe your hotel will let you store your luggage as the Le Meridien in Munich did for us when we took the train there. It was very easy to do this way by staying overnight after taking the train if info is used already given. Then just book a place for the night.
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Could we do the criminology museum and the night watchman tour and still take the train back to munich in one day, without staying overnight?
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Mike- last train leaves Rothenberg at 8:04pm and arrives Munich at 11:21 with 2 changes. If at all possible try to spend the night as Rothenberg is truly magical at night!
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You will regret it if you don't overnight there. The restaurants are wonderful and its magical in the evening. Stay at The Burg Hotel, its quite small and doesn't have a restaurant just a breakfast room with a view to die for. The rooms are wonderful. There are just so many restaurants in Rothenburg you are spoiled for choice.
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I've driven to Rothenburg from Munich, but I hated driving in Munich and Rothenburg. I thought the train trip much more peaceful. It might be hard to see the night watchmen tour without spending the night. Try to see an organ concert in St. Jakobs church if you can.
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Is there a certain day and time that the organ player plays at St. Jakobs Church?
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