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Bob Oct 22nd, 2000 08:07 AM

Munich CountrysideIn midNovember? Weather?
We will be in Munich for a week in mid November and will spend a couple of days in the city on business. Our schedule is flexible and we are trying to decide how to spend the rest of our time. Love countryside but don't want to spend the whole time drenched in freezing rain. Considering Fussen, Garmisch, and Berchtesgarden areas. What would be best, to drive for a few days to one or more of these areas, or just to make day trips from Munich? Are some of these places colder and wetter than others? How booked-up are the more popular hotels in November? Any advice, hotel recommendations etc. would be appreciated. Thanks!

Chris Oct 22nd, 2000 11:37 AM

Yes, it can be cold and/or rainy in Munich in November, but you will still enjoy your trip. Consider taking the train to Salzburg for a day or overnight. Beautiful ride to a beautiful city. Can also take the train to Fussen to see Neuschwanstein; makes for a lovely day trip (buy a huge brezen (soft pretzel) in the train station and enjoy it on the ride. Check with the Euraide office at the Hauptbanhof for English help with trains to any of the above places. Also consider going to Rothenburg for the day. Enjoy Bavaria!

nickie Oct 22nd, 2000 02:55 PM

I believe Neuschwanstein will be closed in November, so you may not want to go to Fussen, if the castle is your objective.

Chris Oct 22nd, 2000 04:56 PM

My wife and I went to Bavaria in mid-November last year. It rained almost every day and many things were closed or had reduced hours. The castle Neuschwanstein should be open. I think it is open every day but Christmas or something like that. There will be no lines anywhere. Also, the cloud ceiling could be quite low so you may not be able to see much of the higher elevetions. We had a great time despite it all. I think we wouldn't go past early to mid_October if we were to go there that time of year again. Also, <BR>you should have no problem getting a room anywhere.

Paige Oct 22nd, 2000 11:46 PM

Neuschwanstein is open all year. It's chilly, gray and drizzley here (in Munich) now. November usually has more of the same and the days get shorter and shorter. But you can still have fun! Just bring warm, waterproof clothes! Often it's just gray and drizzley, not pouring and maybe you'll get lucky and have some nice weather.

Bob Oct 23rd, 2000 02:52 AM

My wife and I did Germany five Thanksgivings in a row. Some years great weather, some years not so great. We enjoyed it all times regardless. Just plan for rain and cold and no tourists and you will have a good time. <BR> <BR>I recommend getting a car and exploring. Day trips waste a lot of time driving back and forth plus you will run into traffic on the autobahn near major cities. Why fight it twice in one day? Also, the little towns are great during the evening...just when you have to drive back to Munich and enter the traffic.Many areas are easy drives from Munich and a car allows you the freedom to explore the area and stay and enjoy. <BR> <BR> Berchtesgaden is very nice and the Salt Mine tour is underground. Good for a rainy day. Garmisch has the shops in town plus Oberammergau and the castle at Linderhof. We have never found Neuschwanstein closed during this time. <BR> <BR>We sometimes move from area to area during that time and never had a real problem with hotels. I have a few we like. if you want any suggestions, just email. We flew in from Munich yesterday, 10/22/00 and it was foggy at airport. Take long johns. Great additions for some of the cooler days when you really do not need a heavy coat.

Bob Oct 23rd, 2000 08:09 AM

WHY DOESN'T THIS POSTING SHOW UP IN GERMANY CATEGORY? <BR> <BR>That technical question aside, thanks to all for very helpful replies. <BR> <BR>The weather factor is making us wonder if we should just spend a day or a day and a half seeing Neuchwanstein, Lindhof and Wieskirche and then (if rainy and cold) drive across to see the Konigsee/Berchtesgaden and then into Salzburg to spend a couple of days there, maybe taking in a concert or two.

xxx Oct 23rd, 2000 11:08 AM

Since your schedule is flexible, can you just "play it by ear?" We were in the Munich and Garmisch area last year during the beginning of November. Weather was variable--isn't it always. However, we took advantage of one absolutely clear, beautiful day to ascend the Zugspitz. Save the castles for a an "indoor day."

Bob Oct 24th, 2000 12:18 PM

Great idea, thanks! Any more suggestions will be appreciated. We will probably stay in Munich Thursday and Friday night then head for Garmisch or Fussen from Saturday to Tuesday. Family wants to stay at the Hotel Rubezahl to have a view of Neuschwanstein, I'm voting for an inn with a view of the Alps in Garmisch.

Curt Oct 24th, 2000 12:25 PM

We were there in mid-November and it was not too bad at all. Cool evenings and mornings, but not cold. A little rain at times. I would class it as late fall weather in the mid-west. Good sweater/jacket weather, but not parka type. Take some gloves and use layers and you will be ok. And yes Neuschwanstein is for sure open in Novemver and better yet there are no crowds.

Amy Oct 29th, 2000 01:25 PM

Any recommendations on hotels in Garmisch??

Dawn Oct 30th, 2000 06:17 AM

Amy, <BR> <BR>Just returned 10 days ago from a trip that included Germany, Italy and London. Haven't had time to post yet about the trip. Spent 2 weeks in Italy, and then moved on to Bavaria. I can't say enough positive things, it was everything I thought it would be and more. People were friendly, everything is so clean, the hotels we sayed at were wonderful, and the food was great. We stay 2 nights at a hotel in Garmisch called Gasthof Fraundorfer, which was fabulous. We paid less than $75 US, which included a plentiful breakfast. They have a dining room, and great food (we ate there both nights) and entertainment bightly with singing and german dancers. We loved it! I can't wait to go back. They do have a website Let me know if you need any more questions answered.

topping Jul 10th, 2002 06:40 AM

for someone with question about Germany in November

xxx Aug 3rd, 2002 06:02 PM

someone else was asking aout a trip that strted in Germ in Nov.

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