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Christine Oct 7th, 1999 02:07 PM

Muerren or Bellagio???
After an extended business trip to CH next week I am trying to plan a romantic few days with my husband. We will be in Zurich on Oct. 22 and have to fly out on the 27th. Do I have enough time to do 2 nights in Muerren and 2 in Bellagio or should I just pick one location and stay all 4 nights? Which would be the best? <BR> <BR>Christine

elvira Oct 7th, 1999 02:17 PM

I'd vote for 4 nights in one place (after an extended business trip, why pack mule yourself every two nights?). Bellagio is beautiful; never been to Muerren so can't do a comparison.

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Oct 7th, 1999 03:18 PM

CHRISTINE, I would train to Lugano and <BR>then day trip from there to Bellagio. <BR>That is a bit late for Murren, and you will find Lugano to be terrific. Stay <BR>at the Lugano-Dante, at the bottom of the funicular from the station. Lugano <BR>has the best climate in CH and is only <BR>an hour from Bellagio. Good luck !

Myer Oct 7th, 1999 03:51 PM

I've been to both in summer and both are spectacular. However, depending upon the thickness of your blood it may be a little cool in Murren. Murren is above Lauterbrunen and part way up the Schilthorn. From the top you get a spectacular view of the Eiger, Monk and Youngfrau (spelling). <BR>Bellagio is also spectacular. I'm not sure if I'd rather stay in Lugano or Como (been to both twice and are both among our favorites. <BR>I would decide on the chances of returning in the near future. If yes squeeze them in. If not go with the warmer weather. Both are very different and you'll love both.

Ed Oct 7th, 1999 04:36 PM

Too much time traveling to hit two spots in that short a time for us. <BR> <BR>All things equal I'd pick Muerren. Much prefer mountains to the lakes. <BR> <BR>Weather won't be overly cold in the mountains, but it's unpredictable this time of year. Many super fine days in the mountains in October, but many dreary ones as well. It's off-season in both places so you don't really have to commit yourself beforehand. <BR> <BR>Perhaps you could get a line on the weather while in Zuerich and make your decision then. Mountain weather prediction, though, is not a science. <BR> <BR>Should be a pleasant time of year in Bellagio. If you want something (relatively) safe weatherwise Bellagio may be the better choice. <BR> <BR>Info on Muerren and surrounds at

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