Movies About And/Or Filmed In Ireland

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Movies About And/Or Filmed In Ireland

The novels about Ireland thread was interesting reading, but...
For those of us whop are getting ready to go, or those that would like to see our favorite country again, to remember, you can't beat a good movie, complete with the SIGHTS AND SOUNDS of dear ol' Eire!
A starter list, in no particular order:

The Quiet Man, filmed in and around Cong, Lenane, Co. Galway
The Field, Lenane
The War of the Buttons, Glandore and Union Hall
Angela's Ashes, Limmerick
This Is My Father,
The Mammy, Dublin
The Commitments, Dublin
Into The West (?)
The Snapper,
Michael Collins,

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Check this out:
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In the Name of the Father and the Boxer, I believe.

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Waking Ned of our favorites!
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Love Waking Ned Devine too - even if it was shot on the Isle of Man.

About Adam - set in Dublin.
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Thanks for providing the lead; it challenges my too often overcast memory, but in a good way.

Here's a few memorable pictures, all with a distinctly Irish flavor, that come to mind:

-"Shake Hands with the Devil", made in the late 50s, starring the superb James Cagney, in an underrated story about the IRA.

"Widows' Peak" and "Circle of Friends", both of which were shot around the lovely Inistioge (County Kilkenny) countryside. The former stars the wonderful Joan Plowright, along with Mia Farrow and Natasha Richardson; the latter is a delighful adaptation of Maeve Binchy's novel about young love, starring Chris O' Donnell and Minnie Driver.

-"My Left Foot" is a moving story about the life of Irish poet Christy Brown. Daniel Day Lewis, in a dynamic performance, plays the poet, who is afflicted with cerebral palsy.

-"Cal" stars the magnificent Helen Mirren, in a story about an unexpected love affair, with the Troubles as a backdrop.

-Neil Jordan's "The Butcher Boy" is a justly acclaimed yet rather disturbing take on the Patrick McCabe novel. It concerns a young boy growing up in a provincial Irish town.

-Finally, it's probably high time to take another look at a couple noteworthy films that have been around the movie revival circuit more than a few times: "Excalibur" is director John Boorman's marvelous take on the Arthurian legend, shot around County Wicklow; and the late Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon" , which is a feast for all those who appreciate the very best in cinematography.

Best of luck.
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Magdalene Sisters, I did like this movie, also based in real events.
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The Dead (Don't be put off by the title; a great short story by James Joyce (from Dubliners) and a wonderful movie directed by John Huston)

Circle of Friends (Superb chick flick, from a novel by Maeve Binchy)

Ryan's Daughter (Never liked the movie myself, but it is a classic)

The Secret of Roan Inish (Wonderful movie for adults and children alike)

Riverdance (Irelands history in dance and song.)

Agnes Brown (Wonderful movie!)

Braveheart (about Scotland, but filmed in Ireland)

I am sure I will think of others.

regards ... Ger
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Re Barry Lyndon: A work of art from Stanley Kubrick. Its unfortunate that so few people have seen this movie.

Do you remember the music? Do you love the Chieftains?

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I have seen Barry Lyndon so many times, I practically know the dialogue LOL
My favorite music is while Marissa Berenson is in that amazing bath,
Schubert's Piano Trio~

There is an intersting Irish film with Gabriel Byrne called Into the West.

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One of my favorite films is "Quackster Fortune has a cousin in the Bronx."
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"The Matchmaker".
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Quackster(Gene Wilder) is is a guy in Dublin who marches to the beat of his own drum. He earns a living by following the horse-drawn delivery wagons, scooping up the droppings and selling it as fertilizer. Margot Kidder is the rich American student who teaches him about his own city. This gentle comedy is beautifully photographed in Dublin.
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Just wanted to add a bit to other's posts:

"Braveheart" was filmed in Ireland, mainly on The Curragh in Kildare for battle scenes. Castle scenes are from Cahir and Trim as well as a few others I'm betting.

"The Matchmaker" is a lot of Galway, Connemara and the Aran Islands. Fun movie, too, a favorite of mine if only for the interaction between the two brothers.

Can't mention "The Commitments" and "The Snapper" without the last of the trilogy, "The Van". Lots of Dublin in all these.

"Ryan's Daughter" filmed in Co. Kerry.

"The Medallion" - Dublin and Co. Kildare

"King Arthur" - Wicklow & ?

There are (many) other movies, about the Irish and ones just filmed in Ireland, though I'm not sure exactly where exactly they *were* they were filmed in Ireland - perhaps some of you do?
Here's some of the more popular ones...

The Count of Monte Cristo
Far and Away
Dancing at Lughnasa
The General
The Outsider
Some Mother's Son
Veronica Guerin

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On the darker side, "Bloody Sunday", a gripping cinema verité account of the 1972 massacre, and "No Surrender", a black comedy set in England, but all about Ireland and the Irish.
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Has no one seen the Field?? Classic
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Since it was mentioned in the first post I didn't think to say it again... although such a movie is well worth mentioning more than once! Ireland with great Irish actors (RIP Richard) and yummy Sean Bean? How can you go wrong?

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W- - -

Have you been talking to my wife?
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...Sean Bean isnt irish...but pierce brosnan is...both delightful eye candy so who cares about nationality!!
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Irish-themed Films...

These are movies made in and/or about Ireland or featuring Irish characters or figures or are otherwise of possible interest to people interested in Ireland...

About Adam
The Actors
Agin' the Wall (short)
Agnes Browne
All God's Children (short)
Angela's Ashes
The Angelus (short)
Ardeevan (short)
As na Ráillí (Off the Rails) (short)
Bachelor Boy (short)
The Birthday (short)
Blessed Fruit (short)
The Book That Wrote Itself
Borstal Boy
The Boxer
The Boy from Mercury
Brian Friel
The Brylcreem Boys
Buskers (short)
"But I Let It Pass..." (short)
The Butcher Boy
The Butterfly Collector (short)
Caca Milis (short)
The Case of Majella McGinty (short)
Catch Yourself On (short)
Celtic Maidens (short)
Chicken (short)
Clare Sa Spier (short)
The Closer You Get
Comm-Raid on The Potemkin (short)
Conspiracy of Silence
Coolockland (short)
Cowboys and Angels
The Crooked Mile
Dan Dan, Dad & Me
Dancing at Lughnasa
The Devil's Own
Dillusc (short)
The Disappearance of Finbar
Disco Pigs
Do Armed Robbers Have Love Affairs (short)
Doing Really Well (short)
Dream Kitchen (short)
Elsewhere (short)
Essie's Last Stand (short)
Fall Into Half-Angel (short)
The Farmer's Wife (short)
The Fifth Province
Fifty Percent Grey (short)
Finbar Lebowitz (short)
Flush (short)
Frankie Starlight
Freedom Highway: Songs of Resistance and Liberation
Full Circle (short)
Gangs of New York (Irish in America)
The General
Give Up Yer Aul Sins (short)
Gold in the Streets
Goldfish Memory
Half Full, Half Empty (short)
Headwrecker (short)
Hit & Run (short)
Home Is the Hero
The Honeymooners
How Harry Became a Tree
How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate
I Could Read the Sky
I Went Down
If I Should Fall from Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story
If These Walls Could Speak (short)
In America
In Loving Memory (short)
Into the West
Ivor the Insomniac (short)
The J Wanderer: On the Road in America
James Joyce: The Trials of Ulysses
Just a Little Bit of Love: A Tribute to Des Smyth (short)
Krapp's Last Tape
Last Mango in Dublin (short)
The Last September
The Last Time (short)
Laws of Attraction
A Leap of Faith
Life in the Fast Lane (short)
Limbo (short)
Lotus (short)
Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (Dublin-born painter)
Lover's Leap (short)
LSD '73 (short)
The Making of a Prodigy (short)
The Matchmaker
Maze (short)
The McCourts of Limerick
Meeting Che Guevara and the Man from Maybury Hill (short)
Michael Collins
The Most Fertile Man in Ireland
My Friend Joe
Naked in Cuba (short)
The Nephew
Night Train
No Man's Land
The Nook (short)
Olive (short)
On the Edge
On the Nose
One Man's Hero (Irish characters)
Oscar Wilde: Spendthrift of Genius
Phantom (short)
Photos to Send: People to Go Back To
Pitch 'n' Putt (short)
The Quiet Man
Racism (short)
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Chavez: Inside the Coup)
The Secret of Roan Inish
Ship of Fools (short)
Silent Grace
A Soldier's Song (short)
Some Mother's Son
Spin the Bottle
Storm (short)
The Sun, the Moon and the Stars
Sunset Heights
Super-8 (short)
Sweety Barrett
Teenage Kicks: The Undertones
Therapy (short)
This Is My Father
This Is the Sea
Three Brothers
Titanic Town
To Russia with Love
Trojan Eddie
Tubberware (short)
2 by 4
Up the Country (short)
The Van
Veronica Guerin
Waking Ned Devine
War of the Buttons
Waterloo Dentures (short)
Way Past (short)
When Brendan Met Trudy
Words Upon the Window Pane
You and Me Tide (short)
Zulu 9 (short)

These movies that are not really about Ireland or the Irish but which include characters that are Irish, or at least ethnically Irish...

American Wedding (American Pie: The Wedding) (Irish-American characters)
Bedrooms and Hallways (Irish character)
Bend It Like Beckham (Jonathan Rhys Meyers coaches ladies soccer)
Black Narcissus (Irish character)
Claire Dolan (Irish-Americans)
Daredevil (Colin Farrell as an Irish super-villain)
The Fog of War (documentary on a prominent Irish-American)
Good Will Hunting (Irish-Americans)
Gosford Park (includes an Irish maid)
Liam (Irish in England)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (crew includes an Irish surgeon/naturalist)
Open Range (Michael Gambon as ruthless Irish land baron)
Paris Was a Woman (includes Irish writers)
Return to Me (Irish[/Italian]-Americans)
Ronin (includes Irish characters)
The Royal Tenenbaums (Irish[/Jewish]-Americans)
Shallow Hal (includes one sort-of Irish character)
She's the One (Irish-Americans)
Snatch (includes Irish characters)
Tears of the Sun (Irish nuns)
Titanic (includes Irish characters)
Velvet Goldmine (cameo by Oscar Wilde)
Wilde (Dublin-born writer)

These movies are not specifically set in Ireland, but substantial filming was done on the Emerald Isle...

Peaches - Irish production
Saving Private Ryan

Here are some movies that don't have anything particularly to do with Ireland but which feature Irish talent...

About a Boy - Victoria Smurfit
Angel Baby - John Lynch
Before and After - Liam Neeson
A Bright Shining Lie - directed by Terry George
Calendar Girls - Ciarán Hinds
Canone inverso - making love - Gabriel Byrne
Celebrity - Kenneth Branagh
Chocolat - Hugh O'Conor
Cry, The Beloved Country - Richard Harris
Dante's Peak - Pierce Brosnan
Dead Man - Gabriel Byrne
Die Another Day - Pierce Brosnan
The End of the Affair - Stephen Rea, directed by Neil Jordan
The End of Violence - Gabriel Byrne
Enemy of the State - Gabriel Byrne
Gladiator - Richard Harris
Goldeneye - Pierce Brosnan
Hamlet [1996] - Kenneth Branagh
Hamlet [2000] - Karl Geary
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Richard Harris, Kenneth Branagh, Fiona Shaw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Richard Harris, Fiona Shaw
The Haunting - Liam Neeson
An Ideal Husband (adapted from Oscar Wilde's play)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - songs by Enya
The Loss of Sexual Innocence - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Love Actually - Liam Neeson
Mars Attacks! - Pierce Brosnan
Minority Report - Colin Farrell
Mission: Impossible 2 - Brendan Gleeson
Moll Flanders - John Lynch
My Kingdom - Richard Harris
The Others - Fionnula Flanagan and Elaine Cassidy
The Parent Trap - Maureen O'Hara
S.W.A.T. - Colin Farrell
Shanghai Knights - Aidan Gillen
Spider - Gabriel Byrne
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace - Liam Neeson
Straight to Hell - Shane MacGowan and other Pogues
The Sum of All Fears - Ciarán Hinds
The Tailor of Panama - Pierce Brosnan, Brendan Gleeson (Irish co-production)
The Thomas Crown Affair - Pierce Brosnan
The Time Machine - Samantha and Omero Mumba
Titus - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Tomorrow Never Dies - Pierce Brosnan
Troy - Brendan Gleeson, Peter O'Toole
The World Is Not Enough - Pierce Brosnan
28 Days Later - Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson

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