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Myer Jan 2nd, 2015 09:52 AM

Montpellier - Ibis Centre Comedie
We will be in Montpellier in late August for 2 complete days.
We will not have a car so I want easy walking access to the parts of the city of interest.
The Ibis Hotel Centre Comedie looks like an excellent location. There's an entrance on the back side of the hotel that opens onto the outdoor shopping deck right beside Place de la Comedie.
This is not the Ibis Centre or Mercure Centre that are close but appear to be more inconvenient for walking.
I've read in a few places that Ibis hotels are pretty bare bone.
Has anybody stayed at this hotel?
Can anybody comment on Ibis in general as I've never stayed at one.

kerouac Jan 2nd, 2015 10:30 AM

I often stay in Ibis hotels, which I consider to be excellent value for money. No, you cannot hold the debutante ball in any of the rooms, but were you planning to?

I also think that the breakfast buffet is good value for money, even though the price has risen more than I would have liked. But I take full benefit of the available items and nearly always skip lunch with no problem at all, which saves even more money.

MaineGG Jan 2nd, 2015 02:22 PM

I've stayed overnight in five or six Ibis hotels and agree with Kerouac that they are excellent value for money. Never had breakfast in the hotel, but always found the accommodations completely satisfactory. They were quite basic, very clean, with comfortable bedding, good lighting. Room size varied from quite small to medium. Bathrooms ranged from tiny to quite large. Sort of similar to the Sleep Inn or Comfort Inn hotels here in the US.

The hotel you are considering looks very nice. If you like the location, it should be fine for a two-day stay.

Padraig Jan 2nd, 2015 04:17 PM

Another habitual Ibis client here. They are fine, and very good value for money (especially at weekends, when rates are lower). I'm in full agreement with kerouac on the breakfast.

Myer Jan 2nd, 2015 05:20 PM

The two other hotels I'm considering in Montpellier are Royal Hotel and Aragon.

I wonder if anybody has stayed there?

I'm feeling a bit more positive with the Ibis hotel, though.

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