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Rachel V Mar 12th, 1999 01:43 PM

Money for a month in Rome?
I am going to be attending a program in Rome for a month this summer. I only have to provide my dinner every day and spending money. How much should I budget for the entire month. I want to keep it as low as possible, but enjoy myself. What is a reasonable amount to bring? Feel free to offer any advice. Thanks.

Monica Mar 12th, 1999 02:55 PM

Hi Rachel, <BR> <BR>My husband and I were in Italy last May and we averaged about $45 for dinner for two. Of course it could be less with less number of dishes. The $45 usually included drinks and appetizers. For spending money, here is what we paid for sights (per person): Colosseum $6; Baths of Caracalla $5; the Cupula at the Vatican $3. Museums prices vary. I'm guessing $4-6. <BR> <BR>You don't have to bring much money at all if you have an ATM card with a 4 digit pin number. We started with $50 in Lira before leaving for Italy, then used ATM machines for the rest of our trip along with our regular credit card for restaurants. <BR> <BR>There is lots to see in Rome, so take lots of film. <BR> <BR>Since you'll be there a month, you can do several day trips. <BR> <BR>

little john Mar 12th, 1999 03:48 PM

Here are a few things to keep in mind. I put this list here as a reminder to folks who have recent prices, what sort of things a person might spend money on in Rome. Hopefully you can get some recent prices. My data is a couple years old, or I'd post it. <BR> <BR>1) metro tickets to get around speedily. <BR>2) buying drinking water --or else <BR>bring something like a brita pitcher and filters. Rome tap water isn't the worst but it isn't the best, either. <BR>3) museum admissions and such. Guidebooks will help you here. Some museums such as the Vatican museum have a free day each month. A lot of tourist Rome is free or very good value. <BR>4) most tourists fall into the pleasant Italian custom of daily gelato consumption. <BR>5) weekend excursions on the train in case you feel the need to visit other cities. <BR>6) do you have self catering, or is it a restaurant meal every night? <BR>7) Fashion Fever. Don't laugh! This syndrome is so common Let's Go actually warns about it. You may be suddenly overwhelmed by a desire to be as chic and fashionable as Italians; the longer in Italy, the greater the danger. The only cure is to spend money on clothes and accessories. Sure you scoff now, but when you get there ... <BR>8) phone card for local calls and price of calling home, sending mail and packages home. <BR>9) in public restrooms you must tip the toilet paper dispenser (the man or woman who hands you a wad as you enter). <BR>10) laundry is a lot more expensive there than it is here. <BR>11) Cost of changing money. Everything you buy, even with a credit card, will have a surcharge due to the expense of currency translation. Figure on 5% inflation for planning (but you can probably change money at a much better rate than that). <BR>12) In Italy, there's no such thing as a free refill. <BR> <BR>Hopefully someone can post some recent prices for you. Have a wonderful trip!

Denise Mar 13th, 1999 12:43 AM

Here are a few costs from last October, hope they help - in no order - <BR> <BR>Train to airport 15000 lr, 1 small 1 medium chips and 1 small shake 7800 lr, Stop and Go Bus (get on and off all day at sites) 20000 lr, <BR>Soft Drink 3500 lr, 5000 for gelati, <BR>free to pantheon, St Peters, Grapes from local street market 3000 per kilo, <BR>10000 to Collosseum, Free to Forum, Free Map is great from McDonalds, Try the Touristico menus for 3 courses 18000 lr, and usually very good. 24000 lr to National Gallery, Phone cards range from 5000 lr. I had to buy one just to enable me to dial Australia and charge cost of call to our home phone number. By the time I left Italy two and half weeks later and many phone calls later, I still had 5000 lr credit. !!!??? don't ask me!!!! cuppacino and cake 10000lr and meals average 25000 lr each for one course, coffee and bread. Oh, Dry Cleaning one pair of slacks 18000 lr. <BR>

Rachel Mar 13th, 1999 05:39 AM

Thanks for all of the help guys. I really appreciate it. It gives me an idea of what my costs are going to be.

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