Mom & Daughter in Paris

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Mom & Daughter in Paris

My adult daughter and I are considering a trip to Paris and Nice in Sept.or October.
Neither of us speak any French. What would the Fodor travelers recommend for a 9 Day trip: Hotels, Restaurants, Sights to see.
We have traveled often to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so we enjoy Europe.
My husband and I had a wonderful time in Paris many years ago with the highlight being dinner in the Eifel Tower and show at the Lido. Is this still possible or have these two attractions turned into overly expensive tourist traps? We would like to spend 5 days in Paris and then go to Nice for a few days. Any problem with two women traveling to these two places. Any help from Fodor travelers would be greatly appreciated! Merci Beaucoup(sp?)
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My mom and I had a wonderful trip to Paris about ten years ago. We stayed only in Paris, with day trips to Versailles and Giverny. I would also recommend Chartres. We did all the usual sights, and went out almost every evening to concerts in churches (Sainte Chapelle, as well as others-- you'll see posters around town for familiar works like The Four Seasons and various Mozart concerti), the ballet and a bateau mouche cruise. It has become a family joke that we absolutely killed ourselves trying to see and do everything possible! We didn't, of course, but we had a great time trying!

I wouldn't worry about the language at all. As I'm sure you've heard, the effort to speak a few words goes a long way, so you should make it, but in the cities expect people to revert to English. The only exceptions I've seen are clerks in small shops that might not get the usual tourist traffic.

I haven't been to either the Lido or the restaurant Jules Verne. I know both are indeed expensive and frequented by tourists, but that doesn't mean you might not still enjoy them.

I guess I'll be the first to say it: do a search here on Paris, and you'll find more specific hotel and restaurant suggestions than you can imagine! Regarding the restaurants, on a more recent trip I printed pages and pages from these forums to give me ideas to take along.
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I did Paris with the maternal unit a few years ago, and did all the touristy stuff (we were there for Bastille Day and the fireworks, which was pretty neat). We had a great time, and didn't get on each other's nerves once. We weren't stuck with going in tandem; she wanted a nap, and I was still rarin' to go, so she went back to the hotel, and I returned in time for dinner.

Jules Verne still has a reputation for good food and a spectacular view; years ago I went to the Folies Bergere and was duly impressed. I'd never go again, since Las Vegas has the same sort of touristy revues crowded with Asian tour groups, which is apparently the same in Paris.
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I have a Paris file which I'd be happy to send if you email me. It is geared toward the first-time visitor but may be of some use to you.
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The first time I visited Paris my mother brought me. Now I want to take her back for a mother/daughter trip. My mother is a real "shopper" - she should have been a professional. She loves fashion and clothes and beautiful things. I want to go to all of the wonderful shops with her, go for tea somewhere lovely, get makeovers, do all the girlie things. She loves art. I know she's never been to the d'Orsay. She would love it. Then to dinner somewhere wonderful so we can dress up in our new things. That's what I want to do with my mother.

Barb, as far as dinner at Jules Verne and going to the Lido is concerned, they are expensive, and of course they will be touristy, but that's the point. You're tourists. Touristy doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful time, especially in Paris. I don't see why two ladies traveling together to Nice from Paris should have any problem at all. France is a highly civilized and beautiful country. The TGV trains can take you anywhere in a short time. I don't know what particularly interests you and your daughter, but there is a lot of information online, and on this forum, about traveling in France. Re-post with more specific questions and you will find plenty of people here who would be happy to make recommendations. I hope you both have a wonderful time!
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We stayed near the Marais district -- and some of that area reminded me of NYC where certain blocks/streets had retail/wholesale Men's clothing, others Womens', others Belts and Shoes, others accessories, etc. It was much more fun than shopping in the big department stores. A little French is helpful.

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