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rfbk50 Apr 21st, 2013 03:08 PM

Minimum connect time Istanbul Ataturk airport
We will be arriving from the States at 3:50 and would like to fly on to Kayseri or Izmir the same evening. What is the minimum connect time to go from Delta to Turkish Air? We are undecided as to flying on or just staying at an airport hotel that night and fly out the next morning. We are doing the route Istanbul-Kayseri-Izmir-Istanbul or the reverse but are leaving the last 7 nights for Istanbul.

Sassafrass Apr 21st, 2013 05:36 PM

We found Ataturk easy to navigate. An hour and a half to two hours should be plenty if your flight from the States is on time. Rather than sit in an airport hotel for the rest of the afternoon, I would go on. That is what we did and it worked fine. Yes, it will be late by time you get to Kayseri and then to your hotel, but you will waste no time the next morning getting back to the airport and flying out.

OTOH, rather than using an airport hotel, you could taxi into the Sultanahmet area and have a nice dinner someplace, stay there and take a shuttle to airport the next morning - depends on how tired you think you will be. Either way, I would not stay at the airport.

otherchelebi Apr 23rd, 2013 03:44 AM

Expect anywhere from 15-75 minutes delay plus 45-90 minutes to clear passport and pick your luggage.

so I would feel safe with about three and a half to four hours between flights. If you are early, ask cost of using the Prime Class Lounge which is operated by the airport management company, and if the cost is reasonable you can rest there with free food and drinks. If you have a high end credit card, check with your bank if they will give you a free entry at an airport lounge in Istanbul, because Istanbul airport has a number of bank lounges.

Otherwise I agree with Sassafrass above to not stay at the expensive and useless airport hotel.

akh1234567 May 2nd, 2016 08:37 PM

You can do one more thing if you are flyng out the next morning. Leave your heavy baggage at the left luggage store at istanbul airport. it is just outside the arrival hall next to starbucks. the small price is worth the headache of lugging it to a hotel

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