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Gigi Aug 26th, 2002 01:41 PM

Mexico City...yes, I know it's the wrong's just, YOU PEOPLE RULE!!!
Well, that about sums it up. I can't get a lot of information from the Latin forum, so, I thought I would try you here. The Europe board is great. <BR><BR>Anyone care to chat about Mexico City? :)

Marilyn Aug 26th, 2002 01:44 PM

Sure, but before the flame-throwers hit, shouldn't we do it on the Latin America forum?<BR><BR>Have you been there (MC)? Are you going? What's up?

Gigi Aug 26th, 2002 01:57 PM

MArilyn, thanks for the reply! Yes, I did post something in the Latin American Forum...sadly, no responses. <BR>How about meeting me over there?<BR>And, yes, I am going in December. Never been, and really looking forward to a week in Mexico City.<BR>Thanks, Marilyn!<BR>Anyone else? :)

Juana Aug 26th, 2002 02:01 PM

It is really interesting as a city, lots of culture to absorb. Just don't dress up too much and call attention to yourself, there is alot of crime too. <BR>Go to the pyramids.

Uncle Sam Aug 26th, 2002 03:35 PM

Hope you can get a clean breath somehow!<BR>Just about the worst smog in the world!<BR><BR>US

Marilyn Aug 26th, 2002 06:29 PM

OK Gigi -- I'm going to look for you on the Latin Am. forum. If I don't find you, I'll post with your name in the header.

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