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wlbox Jan 26th, 2007 02:23 PM

Mestre to Venice
we are staying at a hotel in Mestre, how do we get to Venice? what is the cost? thanks

Therese Jan 26th, 2007 02:43 PM

You can get to Venice from Mestre by bus, train, or land taxi. But what you really need to do is change your hotel to one that's actually in Venice. Mestre is not an attractive place, and the cheaper lodgings are not worth it.

ssanto8403 Jan 26th, 2007 05:54 PM

I agree with the last poster, spend the money and stay in Venice, if not you will regret it later.

Tuscanson Jan 27th, 2007 05:54 AM

We've stayed in Mestre while visiting Venice several times and never have regretted it. The trains run every 15 minutes or so, the trip from Mestre to Venice by train takes about 15-20 minutes and the cost as I recall was 1 or maybe one and a half euros.
Hotels are a lot less expensive than in Venice but you of course don't have that beautiful view.

2Italy Jan 27th, 2007 07:19 AM

If you're going to Venice, then GO TO VENICE! Sure it may cost a little more, but believe me it's worth it. To wake up early and take a stroll while Venice is awaking, watching all the food, wine, etc., being brought in to the restaurants, etc. is just great. In the evening a late night stroll to take some night shots an see Venice all lit up is well worth it. All without worrying when the last bus/train leaves. All you do is walk to your hotel.
[email protected]

crefloors Jan 27th, 2007 07:32 AM

I stayed in Mestre when I was in Venice. It was my first trip to Europe and I was with a Globus Tour. Our hotel was right across the street from the train station. I am dying to get back to Venice and I will stay in Venice. While I agree with the other posters that nothing would beat actually staying in Venice, I think we need to consider the fact that for some people that extra 100.00 per night or what ever it is, might be a "deal breaker", so if it means Venice or no Venice, then I would say Mestre is fine.

ira Jan 27th, 2007 08:06 AM

Hi W,

I also would stay in Venice if I could.

Is there a particular reason to stay in Mestre?

What's your hotel budget?


Pvoyageuse Jan 27th, 2007 08:31 AM

I stayed twice in Mestre, both times for the same reason : no room available anywhere from Venice to Treviso.
Never regretted it either. There is a very nice 3*** hotel just in front of the station, a parking lot next to the hotel and trains to Venice are very frequent and cheap. When the bedroom curtains are drawn at night, it doesn't make much difference whether you are in Mestre or in Venice.

mari5 Jan 27th, 2007 09:50 AM

We finally "gave in" and visited Venice after 4 trips to Italy...just for 1 day, got a great overview and loved it. Are eager to return, if off season, though this was April and not too crowded.Stayed in MESTRE. This was a Germany, Austria, northern Italy trip.

We had a CAR and a bad knee needing replacement. Though we usually like a "view" from hotel and like to be fairly central, Mestre was fine for that trip. We stayed 2 nights at a lovely, untramodern roomed Best Western, across the street from the train station. (Mestre is "not pretty"~~~ however: we could park the car at private parking at the hotel, walk a few steps across the street to train, be in Venice in 10-15 min. and be RIGHT at the station and the main vaperetto(water bus) stop, . The ride was fun and spectacular, then we got off and walk around Venice as much as we could.
We ,too, like to stoll early morning and evenings, side streets etc. and WILL stay in Venice next time. But MESTRE will do you fine for your trip.

We felt that parking the car at the large, jumbled parking garage in Venice would require a lot more walking on the ol'knee---and would be more of a hassle.
Hope you have a great trip!

mikka89 Jan 27th, 2007 10:13 AM

The choice depends entirely on your budget and perhaps on the occasion - a honeymoon might be better spent right in Venice.

It's much more expensive to stay in Venice and Mestre isn't at all inconvenient if you stay near the train station. It's a quick and cheap ride to the Venice station, which is miss nothing.

I've done both and would never stay in Venice again. And I'm a bit of a hotel snob.

wanderful Jan 27th, 2007 10:17 AM


If you factor in the cost of your hotel in Mestre and the expense of getting back and forth from Venice, maybe you’ll realize that you’ll be able to find affordable accommodations in Venice instead.

If this is your trip to Venice, you’ll want to immerse yourself in it. Staying in Mestre will surely compromise that. Yes, maybe when you close the curtains and slip off to sleep, it won’t matter if you’re in Mestre or Venice. But you’re going to have to return to Mestre after spending time in Venice, and believe me the contrast will be stark and disspiriting.

nytraveler Jan 27th, 2007 10:58 AM

Would stay in Mestre only if there were NO PLACE available in Venice.

Venice is an incredibly beautiful and unique city - with an indescribable atmosphere, full of works of artdating back as much as 1500 years, that you'll want to experience at all hours. Mestre - is like staying at a side of the highway budget motel near Pittsburgh.

Pvoyageuse Jan 27th, 2007 11:54 AM

Wanderful : you may not be aware, but the expense of going back and forth from Venice to Mestre amounts to less than 2 € both ways. I doubt that saving such a huge amount on transportation (!) is likely to guarantee the OP more "affordable accommodation" in Venice

wanderful Jan 27th, 2007 12:20 PM


You said you stayed in Mestre twice because there “no room available anywhere from Venice to Treviso.’ Sounds like poor planning to me — not just once, but twice. You also said your hotel was next to the train station and a parking lot. How delightful! Maybe the monetary expense of going back and forth between Mestre and Venice isn’t much, but a traveler certainly pays a different kind of price when he opts for Mestre over the reason he’s in the region in the first place, Venice.

LoveItaly Jan 27th, 2007 12:55 PM

Hello wlbox, to actually answer your question here is the Italian train website which is:

You will find the English version in the far right hand upper corner of your screen.

This will give you the schedule and the costs. You can buy your tickets when you get there, there is no need to order online in advance.


Pvoyageuse Jan 27th, 2007 01:01 PM

So nice of you to comment on my travel habits! Poor planning, you say, and "not just once, but twice". The ultimate sin....
Who are you to judge me and my plans or lack of?
Even though I owe you no explanation, let me state that I live in Europe, not far from Italy and that I love to hit an area without necessarily making definite plans 3 months in advance, especially when I am on holiday and especially when I travel off season............ It so happened that the first time we hit Veneto there was some sort of happening in Venice and no rooms were available anywhere except in Mestre. The hotel was (and still is) a 3 or 4 **** and far from being a dump it was a lovely place to stay.
It was also probably more expensive than many hotels in Venice.

The garage next door was very convenient, probably safer and cheaper than Il Tronchetto and we didn't have to schlepp our luggage around on a vaporetto or water taxi as it was delivered to our room by the hotel staff.
As to the location just in front of the the station and next to a parking lot, I bet there are lots of hotels who fit that description.

We hadn't planned anything the second time either. We had decided to go to somewhere in Italy, hesitating between the Almafi coast and Northern Italy and made our decision at the very last minute on the highway, just before Genova when you either have to turn left or right. The last place we stopped before Venice was Mantova and the hotel manager was kind enough to make reservations for us in Mestre.
If there had been no room available we would have gone somewhere else...

This time the hotel was not as expensive as the first one, but we were able to park our car just in front of the hotel, in a quiet little back street where it stayed unharmed (and watched over by the hotel staff) for several days.

The third time was planned since I was leading a busload of tourists to Venice for 2 days right in the middle of the tourist season and it would have been difficult not to have reservations.
The hotel (hotel Belli Arti) was OK but certainly not as nice as the one in Mestre and the staff (and breakfast)could have been much nicer.

In all three cases, I am sorry that I haven't risen up to your expectations re planning and/or money

2Italy Jan 27th, 2007 02:00 PM

You can find some very reasonable lodging in Venice. Maybe it won't be on the Grand Canal or near St. Mark's, but Venice is small and it's easy to walk or take the vaporetto anywhere.

RufusTFirefly Jan 27th, 2007 02:48 PM

We all have differing needs and values.

Some want to spend their money on a nice room, convenient parking, an indoor pool, concierge, etc. no matter what the surrounding area is like. Others want to spend their money on location and atmosphere, even if the room only looks good with the lights out and there's no elevator.

And money is more important to some people, while time is more important to others. It depends on your income and your personality. So one person will stay out in the sticks and ride the bus 30 minutes to get to the "sights" in order to save $50 a night. Another will spend an extra $100 a night to be 5 minutes closer to the "action."

There's no right way or wrong way--it's your time and your money.

We're atmosphere and time people--but that doesn't make us "right." It just makes us "us."

wlbox Jan 29th, 2007 04:47 PM

thank you all for your Mestre input. Our trip is to Croatia, we will be flying out of Marco Polo early the next morning and just need a hotel close to the airport. Yes we will take the trip into Venice for the afternoon, but this is not the highlight or the reason for our trip. I hope this helps to explain our Mestre hotel room.

mari5 Jan 29th, 2007 06:06 PM

I know your trip to Croatia will be beautiful. Let us know about it when you's on our list for sometime before too long. I kind of thought from your posting that the Venice trip was just a "stopover"and not the main reason for your trip```similar to what my husband and I did a couple of years ago.! (better to see it in a half day, (or day) than not at all).
People often jump to conclusions about things, and it's interesting how a simple question can get WAY off track...not that there is anything wrong with it (:>)

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