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Men: On international flights, in what do you pack your inflight necessities??

Men: On international flights, in what do you pack your inflight necessities??

Old Oct 7th, 2002, 09:56 AM
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Men: On international flights, in what do you pack your inflight necessities??

A newbie international flyer has now stopped worrying about the food and whether it is edible and is now worrying about how I LEGALLY carry MY stuff aboard and NOT in carry-on above YOUR head????

My wife can bring a huge purse (legally) and fill it with water bottles, morning makeup, headphones, tapes, books, etc.

So what do you MEN use that is legal with the majority (we are flying Lufthansa and don't want to be "barked" at) of airlines to carry this same stuff????

Please, no "smart" answers, Thanks,

Old Oct 7th, 2002, 10:22 AM
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lol, no smart answers, you have a loaded question there..

what do you want too bring.. make a list and we can may'be help you.

what are you so paranoid about?
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 10:24 AM
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My husband and son use a small back-pack to carry their in-flight necessities. Works as a day-pack during the vacation, also.
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 10:27 AM
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I always like to have a backpack (more of a daypack, I guess) for hiking and day trips in Europe, so it makes the perfect carryon for the plane. All my shaving and toilet articles, medicines, etc. go into it, as well as the camera and binoculars, and of course, important papers like documents, reservations or vouchers, etc. Just don't pack scissors, knives, corkscrew, toenail clippers, pocket knife or anything like that -- those can go into the checked luggage.
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 10:28 AM
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Perhaps I don't understand your first sentence (I don't very much) and you want to carry a purse and a carryon? I don't agree that all of the stuff your wife is carrying can be in a purse, although she has perhaps gotten it by some personnel, but many airlines have rules that would not allow that as a "purse". I could not fit half of that stuff in my purse.

Airlines define personal item and I've seen it listed as a purse, briefcase, laptop computer case, small bookbag-type backpack, etc. There are soft-sided cheap briefcases you could buy, camera bags, messenger bags, or small duffel/flight bags. If you don't like those, just take a shopping bag. I've actually used a heavy-gauge plastic shopping bag as my personal item at times (one with handles), which was convenient because I could throw it away or just fold it up and put it in a small zippered area on my suitcase when I wanted to. There actually are such things as men's purses, you know, although I'm not sure what they call them in men's stores (I've known a few guys that have expensive Italian leather ones).
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 10:41 AM
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Backpack. Next question.
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 12:54 PM
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I know the wording was a little loose and I meant to say that I am over 65, and not at all comfortable with a backpack of any sort.

What do I want to carry?? books, tapes, noise-cancelling headphones, nasal spray, and the ubitquous WATER and something to banish morning breath and whiskers. No matter how many people put their stomach in my aisle-seat face while reaching for the overhead throughout the night, I'm not planning to do the same.

I think I now have the general idea from your answers what is allowed, and probably have something that will work on the closet shelf.

Old Oct 7th, 2002, 01:04 PM
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I'm 73 and always use a backback. Am I supposed to be embarrassed about that or something. What's wrong with carrying a backback?
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 01:15 PM
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I took his comment to mean that he was physically uncomfortable (not embarrassed) with a backpack - maybe he has a bad back, as I do. Any luggage store or department will have a selection of tote bags which will fit under the seat in front of you (as long as you don't stuff them too full). I always put my small bag under the seat as I like to be able to get things out of it easily during the flight. And as someone has already mentioned, you could try a soft-sided briefcase, in canvas or nylon.
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 01:21 PM
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I usually do this.. I have a backpack and inside the backpack I carry a plastic bag.. when I'm at the gate seats I take out the stuff I want too have on me while I'm sitting on the plane for hours.. like head phones, gum, what ever.. and place it in the plastic bag..
In the plane I put my backpack in the overhead and stuff the plastic bag under the seat. BINGO

or you can buy one of those medium sized leather satchel.
Old Oct 7th, 2002, 01:25 PM
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That is the perfect answer, thanks so much.

P.S. Where are your orgies??
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