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Reeshiez Mar 29th, 2019 06:28 AM

Masseria in the Valle DíItra
I need some advice. As I stated in previous posts we will be traveling for Puglia for a week with our two young children (aged 2 and 4). My parents have decided to join us as well and as has my sister. I am having trouble finding something in the Valle DíItra that is not too expensive but has availability for us all. Iíve finally found the following three places:

- Masseria Is Frantoio (close drive to Ostuni): seems reasonably priced but reviews complain that it is dated. I donít mind dates as long as it is clean and the bathrooms are good. Also I am confused but it seems like dinner is only served at a specific time? Is this true and is this common for the area? It may be problematic because the kids will be jet lagged so Iím not sure when exactly their day would start and end.

Masseria Salinola: this seems amazing but at $500 a night itís above our budget. However it may be worth it it they are more flexible and the rooms are better.

Masseria Salamina: this is reasonably priced and within our budget. My concern is the location. Is it in the middle of nowhere? It is close to the Fasano train station but what is Fasano like? Are there options in the area for food? Stores where we can buy food for the kids?

Would love to hear your opinions on all three masserias and their location. Given the fact that we are traveling with such a large group I am getting nervous about what to pick? Donít want to disappoint anyone and also want a place where we have different options of what to do or where to go in case someone in the group doesnít want to join for a drive to one of the other towns or in case we want to split up.

Thank yoy

bilboburgler Mar 29th, 2019 06:41 AM

Itria not Itra. ;-)

Masseria tend to be run according to their own special rules so probably yes meal times will be at a set time. They also tend to be in the middle of nowhere so I'd chose one near a small town.
Masseria Salamina is about 1km walk to town (roads will be very quiet)
Masseria Salinola middle of nowhere
Masseria Is Frantoio middle of nowhere near a busy ish road

bilboburgler Mar 29th, 2019 06:47 AM

If I was going to have jet lagged kids, I would email ahead and bring that to their attention and ask for say a welcome pack of fruit etc.

ekscrunchy Mar 30th, 2019 06:19 AM

I would look at the agriturismo site. For example, this masseria is in a good location, not far from Fasano and Ostuni:

lancer11 Mar 30th, 2019 09:57 AM

We stayed at Masseria Salamina, Pezze di Grec in 2016.. Our stay was fantastic. We did not have a car. If you have a car this place would be fine. We had a hired car and driver take us where we had to go. We stayed there a couple of nights. Pool was wonderful and the room was perfect. It had a kitchen. Our room was in the back of the building. very quiet. our outside porch area faced the gardens. We did not cook in so can not answer about the markets. It is in a very quiet area but again, if you have a car I don't think there will be a problem.

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