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JaniceGo Sep 1st, 2014 12:27 PM

Marche Bastille - Oct Hours and Meet up Location?
Here's a 2 part question: First, I've seen various closing hours for the Marche Bastille -- 1pm - 3pm - does anyone know the actual closing time in early October? We plan to meet up with friends who will arrive by train at Gare d'Lyon. We're flying in that morning but have several stops before we travel to the market by taxi. Can anyone suggest a good meeting place at the market - an easy to find "landmark" in or near the market would be helpful. . We've only been there once and this will be the first visit for our friends. Merci for any help you can provide. (Yes, we'll have phones, but this will be a backup "just in case")

kerouac Sep 1st, 2014 12:36 PM

Here are the hours, days and location of every street market in Paris:

The website says Wednesday from 7:00 to 14:30 and Sunday from 7:00 to 15:00.

Just meet at the edge of the Place de la Bastille where the market begins. (Frankly, there are better markets in Paris as far as I'm concerned, but I am quite happy if all of the tourists continue to go here.)

kerouac Sep 1st, 2014 12:37 PM

You do not seem to have said what day of the week you are arriving.

JaniceGo Sep 1st, 2014 01:36 PM

We are arriving on Sunday.

JaniceGo Sep 1st, 2014 01:39 PM

And, I'd have to say your comment is a bit more snarky than necessary. It sure makes it hard to post a simple question without getting attitude in response.

I've been to many markets in Paris and, even if it doesn't suit your tastes, enjoyed this one very much. Since it will be our only Sunday in Paris, we thought it would be fun to catch it. So, yes, us "tourists", unlike you professional Parisians, will enjoy the market. Sorry to have bothered you with a "tourist" question.

kerouac Sep 1st, 2014 02:02 PM

Well, at least you are arriving on a market day. Feel free to follow all of the other replies that you have received to your question instead of mine.

MaineGG Sep 1st, 2014 02:06 PM

And, the market is on Thursdays and Sundays - not Wednesdays.

Christina Sep 1st, 2014 02:49 PM

IN point of fact, even if a market is official "open" until 3, some vendors pack up and leave earlier and the pickings may be slim at 2 pm. I wouldn't go out of my way to go to any market in Paris after 1 pm.

JaniceGo Sep 1st, 2014 04:18 PM

Good point Christina - that's part of why I was trying to determine the "official" closing time. I anticipated that things would begin to thin out before that time. I think we'll be able to catch an hour or more before 1pm.

manouche Sep 2nd, 2014 12:32 AM

I shop here twice a week - even though I'm not a "professional Parisian"!

The official opening hours are basically a guideline - and I find this is true for most places in Paris.

IME, the market vendors are set to go around 9:30 and start breaking down by 13:00 - they are not really interested in selling anything by 13:30. The vendors have to be packed up and gone in time for the city cleanup crew to do their thing - and those guys have to be finished by 15:30.

There are several cafes on the Place de la Bastille - it might be easiest to just pick one and meet there, especially since you never know about the weather. You can find them on GoogleMaps - Cafe des Phares and Cafe Flag are the closest.

JaniceGo Sep 2nd, 2014 07:19 AM

Thanks manouche - this is very helpful and exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Meeting up at a café is could work well for us. I'll look these up and pitch it to the group. Thanks again.

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