Manchester/London in a month -- woo hoo!

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Manchester/London in a month -- woo hoo!

Hello, everyone.
Thanks to some great advice from people on Fodors, I've got a trip scheduled in mid-October and will be gone a couple of weeks.

I'm flying on American, and hopefully the extra room will be noticeable. How is the food/service?

I'd like to do a combination of record shopping (hopefully second-hand), street markets, general sightseeing, etc. If anyone has recommendations for Manchester and the surrounding area, that'd be great.

I'm looking at some possible local trips around Manchester. If anyone can share their experiences/information on Bradford, Chester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Stoke-On-Trent or Sheffield, that'd be great!

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Have a grrrrrrrrrreat trip Tim!
The 2 inches DOES make a difference if you are used to sardine seating, but it's not exactly spacious
Service on American internationally is variable. I find if I'm friendly and kid around with the crew my service is better It *IS* a hard job and many of them are happy to laugh now and then. And some crews are pretty dour. But it's not as bad as, say, United. The food is passable. I've never had anything inedible or disgusting [as I have had on Lufthansa]. So it won't be spectacular -- but it's just fine
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mel Roberts
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Hi Tim,

I lived in Stoke-on-Trent for 5 years. To be honest I wouldn't recommend a visit -- it's a bit of a dump. No nice buildings, no nice scenery, just grimy leftovers from the industrial age. I would only recommend a visit if you have a particular interest in pottery. Even then I would recommend only visiting the pottery museums!

Probably the nicest place to visit out of your list would be Chester, although I do like Liverpool too (eventhough parts of there are an absolute dump too!).

Have fun!
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I really think I'd skip most of the places you have listed. Don't know enough about Sheffield to comment, I'll let others do that. Chester is fascinating, if you stay in the old city area. Liverpool is a possibility, though I'd seriously consider skipping it also. But I'd skip Bradford and keep driving north to the Yorkshire Dales. There are a lot of things to do in that area. I think you can easily do the drive in about 2 hours. Also, and probably even a better trip, would be to go to York, only a short drive northeast of the Leeds/Bradford area. The city is amazing, and will easily keep you entertained for a day or longer.
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I live in Sheffield. Have done for 5 years. What do you want to know? I'd certainly recommend it for a day. Feel free to e mail me if theres anything specific you want to know. We've just got a great new attraction called the Magna Centre, dedicated to "the elements"!
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We flew AA into Manchester and out of London. I am (to quote an earlier poster) "used to flying sardine class." But the extra 2 inches did make a difference. The flight into Manchester was completely full and on an older plane (sorry, I don't know which type). The flight was on time, crew/service was adequate, food was tolerable. The flight out of London was a 777. The extra room was more noticeable there. That flight was not full, but also on time. The crew/service was more friendly, food again tolerable. It was not an unpleasant experience overall. We used Manchester as our gateway to Chester and then Northern Wales. If that is the direction you decide to go, repost with your questions.
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If you like old houses and beautiful grounds, check out the movie "Pride and Predjudice" (Colin Firth). The stately home in the movie "Pemberley" is actually Lyme Hall which is pretty close to Manchester. It's a beautiful house, massive grounds, orangery, deer park, lakes, gorgeous gardens, priestholes, lots of history - a very nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon.
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Hopefully I haven't posted too late for your trip. I have only lived in England 4 months, but I live 10 minutes from Manchester, so here are a few recommendations. I was in Stroke-on-Trent yesterday. It is not very pretty but i got amazing deals at the Wedgewood and Spode factory stores (plates around $2.00 each).
Good markets can be found on tues, fridays, and saturdays in Stockport or Altricham. Most other towns have markets, these are just the two I go to alot.
Chester is beautiful. It is a nice day trip. It is mainly a shopping town.

I'm not sure about records, but the area around Deansgate in Manchester city center seems to have a lot of stuff for the young party crowd. GO into one of the Pubs around this area and ask around.
When you GO to London, the the Nottingham area (near Portabello Road market) has alot of used clothing, records, etc. Also try Camden Locks on Saturdays
I hope this reaches you in time.
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I saw a huge used record/CD store in Bangor(northwest Wales, not far from Manchester by train)last week. Bangor is a small town,it won't be hard to find.

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