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Mary Nov 22nd, 2002 02:01 AM

Malta: trip 14 nights Plaza Hotel..good idea?
We don't know much about Malta but the BCAA is offering a trip that includes airfare, meals and 14 nights at the Plaza Hotel<BR>which it says &quot;has an excellent sea front location, close to shops and night spots of Sliema and St. Julian’s.&quot;. It doesn't say what city the hotel is in but we assume the main city. Is this a large city? Can women alone travel safely in Malta? Is it best to get around my bus or renting a car? What side of the road to they drive on and what are road conditions like? Can you easily get to the other islands and back for day trips?<BR>What are the highlights of the country not to miss? Optional tours are available but I don't know if it would be better to do these or travel alone around. Input from people who have travlled or live in Malta please?

Rhea Nov 22nd, 2002 04:39 AM

Malta is comprised of 3 islands; 2 of which are tourist destinations: Gozo &amp; Malta. Sliema is one of the Many seaside towns all of which boast seaside resorts.<BR>and are not the main city &amp; capital:<BR>Valletta.<BR>Valletta has old cranky buses that go out to all towns where historic ruins etc are. Roads are okay &amp; the people are nice.<BR>If you're not interested in &quot;quaints&quot; it is alot of money just to sunbathe.<BR>Do a search &amp; find out if it's for you.<BR>

topper Nov 22nd, 2002 06:33 PM

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b-driven Nov 23rd, 2002 02:57 AM

Dear Madam,<BR><BR>Crowne Plaza hotel is a 5 star hotel situated about 3 minutes walk off the rocky coast of Sliema. 20 minutes away from Valletta by bus and 15 minutes by bus to St. Julians, the place where all the night life is concentrated in Malta with bars, pubs, restaurants, casinos and clubs which all open till the early hours every day. Sliema is a tourist area with lots of shops and restaurants too. Very close to harbour cruises departure points too.<BR><BR>Definately not a problem to walk around, not only for woman, but also for kids. Crime rate is very low in Malta. <BR><BR>Travelling in Malta!!!! We are a company offering chauffeur service and car hire, but I will tell you all the truth about the matter, and then I will let you decide. AS said by others, the maltese buses are very old, probably with one previous owner, Queen Victoria. But they provide a very good and reliable service and to every corner on the island. The only problem you might encounter that some last journeys from certain villages will be around 9pm.<BR><BR>Driving is on the left, signs are good but roads are not in very good condition. No highways or motorways with speeds varying from 50 to 80 kms.<BR><BR>Going to the sister island of Gozo is easy with ferry leaving Cirkewwa every 30 minutes for a 25 minutes trip.<BR><BR>Malta is rich in history, dating back to the Neolithic times of some 5000 years BC. If you like more info, do not hesitate to contact me on the email above.

Holly Dec 8th, 2002 01:02 PM

Dear Mary, so, did you book? I was just reading the comments. I am booked on the March 3-25 through BCAA, and have a couple of friends thinking about coming, but no commitments from them yet.<BR>Sounds like it will be easy to ghet around and see everything.<BR>Regards, Holly Pender-Love, Creston, BC

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