Malia, mykonos or naxos


Apr 2nd, 2014, 02:16 AM
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Malia, mykonos or naxos

Hello dears plz help ������

We are 3 to 4 couples ( between 28 and 34 years old ) kind of confused about our summer 2014 trip.
we have decided to choose greece as a summer holiday.
We booked a flight to santorini in the 26th of july and we were planning to stay in santorini 3-4 or even 5 days.
And we booked the returning flight from crete on the 3rd of august.
Coz we thought to visit santorini then crete( specifically malia).
But unfortunately, during our research and after reading many reviews and topics about Malia we are kind of not sure if it is the right place to have fun and enjoy our night life or not.
The result from all the reviews is that malia is a very crowded place with british young people who transfer the night life into a whole disaster, always drunk, very dirty acts, fights,ambulances, police , etc...

What we r pretty sure about is santorini. And we dont mind staying there 4or 5 nights and the 4 or 3 other nights in another island( not sure which one yet)
Santorini is from top islands in the world where u can enjoy romantic nights with a splendid view , beautiful beaches and fira's good night life.

Concerning the 2nd destination we r confused between Malia, mykonos or Naxos.
And what we really want from the 2 nd destination is a beautiful island with beautiful party beaches and at the same time relaxation if we want with a good night life; We want to enjoy clubbing and dancing till the morning with young decent people.
So if we will not go to malia we have to change our returning tickets.

Plz helppppp us to find the 2nd destination among the 3 islands ( mykonos , naxos or malia) or if u have another choices not far from santorini's or mykonos area ����
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Apr 2nd, 2014, 06:04 AM
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If your return flight is booked from Crete, the least upheaval would be to split your holiday between Santorini and Crete, maybe picking a different destination in Crete rather than Malia.

What airport is your flight from? If Heraklion then maybe look at Elounda or Agios Nikolaos. If from Chania, then around Chania itself (or many other Cretan locations).

If what you are looking for is clubbing and dancing, unfortunately I suspect the big clubbing destinations will also have an element of drunken troublemakers, it tends to be one or the other. I love Naxos but am not sure it would deliver on the dancing front. Mykonos probably has a good club scene, and nice party beaches but is a lot pricier than Crete, and a little more out of your way.
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Apr 2nd, 2014, 07:55 AM
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I would avoid Malia, it is more or less as you described it, and i don't think that it has what you're looking for.

If i had to choose an island that would fulfill your criteria, this would be Mykonos. It has a great nightlife, beach bars, beach parties, great restaurants and nice beaches.

Unfortunately since you will have to fly out of Crete ( and i guess this will probably be Heraklion), it would be better time wisely to stay on Crete.

There are other great places that will offer you decent night life, clubbing and young people. I could recommend either Rethymno 78 km west or Chania 150 km west of Heraklion, both beautiful venetian/turkish cities full of bars and with clubbing, even though not beach parties. ( they do happen occasionally.
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Apr 2nd, 2014, 08:20 AM
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I think your plan just needs a small tweak to make it right. Do go to Crete but then rent a car of take the bus to either Rethymnon or better yet Chania as clauser suggested.
Between parties take some time to just sit on Chanias Venetian harbour with an ouzo and allow yourself to drift back into history and see what the the 15th century was like.
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Apr 3rd, 2014, 01:44 AM
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Why stay in Malia? It's too noisy, too much bars, too much drunk people, nothing authentic anymore. And not cheap at all!
Go to Crete and enjoy the rest of the island, like Chania and Rethimno.
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