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Vita Nov 15th, 2001 01:39 PM

Madrid and Andalusia itinerary
Hi all. I'm starting to think about a trip to Madrid and Andalusia in either Mid-April or late-May. I'm planning on taking public transportation the whole time. I have a sketch of an itinerary below. I'd like to visit all of these places, but I don't want to keep bouncing around to different hotels so I would prefer to spend the night in either Cordoba or Granada and do a day trip to whichever place I don't spend the night. Which would you pick? I tend to like larger cities where there is more to do, but I do want to visit these places. Also, I'm trying to consider that I'll probably be jet lagged when I arrive and will probably want to spend at least 2 nights in the first town I visit.<BR><BR>Arrive in Madrid and take train to Seville.<BR>3 nights - Seville (possible day trip to the coast from here?)<BR>2 nights - Cordoba or Granada<BR>4 nights - Madrid - with day trips to Toledo and Segovia<BR>Leave Madrid<BR><BR>Comments?

Vita Nov 16th, 2001 05:23 AM


Paige Nov 16th, 2001 05:41 AM

How about a day trip from Seville to Cordoba? It's really easy on the AVE train. I think a day in Cordoba is enough. Cadiz is a really nice place to spend a day or two. It's off the tourist path, on the coast, and the people there were very friendly.

lisa Nov 16th, 2001 06:00 AM

I agree that a day in Cordoba is probably enough. Of our trip, Cordoba was our least favorite city -- the mosque is beautiful, but we didn't enjoy much else there. The historical area is quite small and, frankly, we were concerned about being mugged there (although nothing happened).<BR><BR>On the other hand, Granada was our favorite city. If you like big cities and their "energy," this is the place. We stayed at a very middle-of-the-road hotel in the middle of town. Easy walking to restaurants, tourist sites, nightlife. We LOVED the tapas bars here -- just elbow your way to the bar and point. If you're a city person, I don't recommend staying at the Alhambra -- too far out of town to enjoy restaurants/nightlife.

Joanne Nov 16th, 2001 07:31 AM

Vita:<BR><BR>Our favorite is Sevilla and there are many things to see and do. We did a day trip to Jerez de la Frontera, visited a sherry bodega and saw the beautiful Andalusian horses perform, then on to Cadiz. <BR><BR>Also visited Italica, a small Roman site which we enjoyed (we love Roman history and ruins--might be fun for you after your visits in Rome).<BR><BR>We took a cruise on the Guadalquivir (SP?) river, visited the alcazar, and, of course, the cathedral is incredible. We spent an evening watching flamenco. We sat on the steps of cathedral many evenings enjoying helado (on a par with gelatto).<BR><BR>We also enjoyed our time spent in Madrid, but Sevilla was our favorite. If you want info on Madrid and Toledo, e-mail me.<BR><BR>j <BR><BR><BR>

Kris Nov 16th, 2001 03:24 PM

I'll second the advice on taking the day trip to Cordoba from Seville. We stayed overnight there and I wished we had spent the night somewhere else as it kind of dried up in the evening. It should take about a 1/2 hour to get there from Seville by AVE train.<BR><BR>Granada, on the other hand, we visited as a day trip and wished we had more time there.

Davidx Nov 17th, 2001 05:01 AM

Shows how individual it all is - I love Cordoba and dislike Granada -except for the Alhambra which is truly marvellous. I agree that it is possible to visit Corbdoba on a day trip from Sevilla. Do make sure you see Ronda from Sevilla - bus trip. If you are interested, I have folders of notes on Andalucia and one covering Toledo and Segovia. E-mail me if you want them and I will attach them to a reply.

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