Mad Cow/F&M/Weather in London?

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Mad Cow/F&M/Weather in London?

I am leaving for London later this month....what is the situation as far as eating meat out in London? Is any of it imported from other countries at the present time, since the Mad Cow/F&M recent problems?
I have been advised by our local hospital's travel clinic (where you can get shots before you go abroad) to only eat Chicken
and Fish while there due to the problems?
Unfortunately since I do not eat vegetables, I am a beef, chicken, pork type of eater, that leaves me with very little to eat while over there.....any news from people who are knowledgeable, possibly living there?

Also what is current weather temp and state there? Thanks so much, my first trip out of the country.
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I'd honestly not worry, just tuck in and enjoy. After the vCJD problems, English beef ironically enough is probably about the safest you can get. There are very strict regulations in force. You're more likely to be run over by a double decker bus crossing the road to the restaurant than by catching anything nasty from the beef.
I personally avoid things like cheap burgers, but I assume that you won't be crossing the Atlantic to eat at McDonalds!
Foot and mouth is harmless to humans and anyway all the animals that contract it are slaughtered and so do not get into the food chain.
As for the weather, well we say in England, "If you don't like the climate, just wait a few minutes and it'll change". A good place to look is the BBC weather site at

London is a fascinating cosmopolitan city, have a great time.
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I agree with Sheila. I must say your health clinics advise was very ignorant and reactionary. I read an extremely alarming article on food products in the US in The Observer newspaper yesterday which could easily put you off eating meat in the US for ever, so each country clearly has its problems.

Re: mad cow disease. The meat is now incredibly safe. Only people who have been eating the beef since the 1970s need be concerned, and as there have been less than something like 150 cases throughout europe I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

As for other meat products, there is no shortage. We import a lot anyway. 60 million people are not about to turn vegetarian.

You really have nothing to worry about.
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Just reterned from England. My husband and I enjoyed our vacation in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall & London. The foot & mouth problem is "under control". We were able to go everywhere and do everything we would normally do. Unless you plan on walking through a farmers field of course! As for eating...ENJOY the beef and lamb as there isn't a problem with any of the meat. We have family living in England and enjoyed the most fabulous lamb dinner with them. The butchers or restaurants aren't going to sell you meat infected with Mad Cow Disease. And any livestock infected with foot and mouth disease is slaughtered immediately. There is most unfortunately a whole lot of ignorance on the subjects!!
ENJOY London...I personally recommend the pubs for a great lunch!

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I've been to London several times and I am a big beef eater. I echo the posts about not eating at cheap meat places, i.e. McDonalds & Burger King. London has some good fish & chip shops. They also have some great Asian & Indian restaurants where you can get pork, lamb, etc. and even some pasta places. A good way to tell what the weather will be like is to visit This site has live webcams set up around London and you can see the actual conditions and what people are wearing. But I suggest always carrying an umbrella, those rainclouds come out of nowhere. Enjoy!!
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Re: Foot and Mouth no problem eating any meat in Britain.

Re: weather, generally cool but it is not a destination you pick for it's weather anyway.

Re: BSE despite constant ravings there is still no actual proof that anyone caught anything from cattle. Investigations are going on into many other factors including genetic weaknesses in CJD victims. I would be careful not to assume that it is simply a problem related to infected cattle. If that were really the case then huge numbers of people all over the country would be coming down with CJD all the time instead of the current trickle of isolated cases.

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