lyon hotel----mercure chateau perrache

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lyon hotel----mercure chateau perrache

Has anyone stay in this hotel before? it is located at 12 cours de verdun ramband. is this hotel near the old town? any comments on the service and location?
We found out that if we want to go to Brugge from Lyon, we can't take the train from lyon perrache station but need to change the train at the main station. is it expensive to take a cab from the hotel to the main station?

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Hi mast -- I think we've typed before...

That hotel is not near the old town (Vieux Lyon), it's near the train station. I've not heard of anyone staying there, and the area isn't that great. You might want to try the Hotel Royal, which isn't far from the train station -- you can take a metro from Perrache to Bellecour and you're right there (and a 10 min walk, if that, to Vieux Lyon).

By main station, do you mean Part Dieu? It'll cost about 100-150f (probably less) by cab. It'll be a 10 min ride, depending on the hour you leave. The cab is the best way to get to that station. I wouldn't recommend the metro -- too many changes.

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Hi Chris,
Yes we discussed about Lyon before and we were actually convinced by you that we should visit Lyon!
We choose the hotel because it has a promotion of stay two nights and pay for one night promotion. but we got only one and half day to explore Lyon so we need to find a hotel that is well located so that some transport time can be saved. Do you think it is a good idea to stay in the old town? is it very far from the train station?
what is the best thing that we can do over the weekend? will most shops and sites of interest close on saturday and sunday?
you mentioned a very famous restaurant before, how to get there?
thanks again!
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Hello again, mast!

The hotels in Vieux Lyon are very expensive and are far from the train stations. There are other hotels in Lyon that offer the two nights for the price of one -- I can't find my information, however if you call the tourist office (or email them?) I'm sure they can give you the info. Their phone number is 04 72 77 69 69, on the internet at

Lyon is MUCH smaller than Paris, and everything you'd want to see is either on the metro line or you can walk to it easily. For instance, to walk from Perrache train station to Place Bellecour is about 10 min (but I've been told I'm a fast walker). Place Bellecour to Vieux Lyon is about another 10 min. Place Bellecour to the Hotel de Ville is 10-15 min. And it's usually a pretty walk.

Shops are open on Saturdays, 10-7 I believe. Sunday, everything's closed except museums. However, in Vieux Lyon, a lot of things are open because it is a tourist area. On Saturday and Sunday morning, there is a food market on one side of the Saone river. On Sunday mornings there is an art market on the other side of the Saone.

A day and a half will be fine -- you'll be able to take your time and enjoy the city. There are a lot of museums and none are so large that you'll spend all day in one.

Saturday is your only day of shopping, so you might want to make the most of it! Hermes, Dior, Longchamp, along with "discount" stores like Tati, Monoprix, etc., can all be found in Lyon around rue de la Republique.

The one restaurant is Le Nord, which is off rue de la Republique (18, rue Neuve). Just look for the Pizza del'Arte restaurant and go up that street (it's closer to Hotel de Ville, not Bellecour). Do make reservations though -- their phone is 04 72 10 69 69. There are other restaurants on rue Merciere -- the one that I like is called le Merciere.

I hope this helped!

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I think that we stayed there years ago after flying L.A. to Paris and taking the TGV to Lyons. Around midnight we stopped at the closest hotel to the station, which was the Terminus. It was old fashioned but nice, very close to museums and the huge Brasserie George. Later, I learned to my horror, that it was used by the Nazis during W.W.II for interrogation and worse.
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Daphne -- The Center for the Resistance and Deportation was where the Nazi offices were and there are many places in Lyon where people were killed by the Nazis during their occupation of Lyon (around Place Bellecour, etc). Lyon was the seat of the Resistance during WWII.
The Center is a very interesting place, however sobering.

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