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travelhook Sep 18th, 2005 06:21 PM

luggage storage in Naples and Pompeii station
Please, if anyone had used the luggage storage area in the Naples train Station (Garibaldi?) and Pompeii, is it safe?

My husband and I are arriving to Naples by train from Rome and then to Circumvensuvenia train to go to Sorrento so we can leave our luggage in the hotel.

My idea is to go straight to our hotel then do the Almafi coast tour for the rest of the day and come back the next day for the Naples and Pompeii tour.

My other option is, since we are already in Naples when we arrive from Rome, I wonder if it is safe to leave our luggage in the train station. If it is so, we can then go to Pompeii in the afternoon and leave again our luggage in the train station or near ticket booth (as some had suggested) then retrieve them at the end of our tour for our trip to our Sorrento hotel in the evening. This way, we can save our time for the next full day for Almafi tour.

A few had mentioned that there is a luggage storage in Naples train station and in Pompeii. Is there anyone who had used it recently and how was it?

Or should I just stick to my original plan?

Thank you. All replies are truly appreciated.

willit Sep 19th, 2005 02:54 AM

I have used Naples baggage storage several times, and never had a problem. I would advise leaving plenty of time to a) deposit and b) retrieve your bags, as the queues can be quite long.

Recently the people in the baggage area have been taking photocopies of passports to attach to the bags. I have never been asked for this before, and presume it is security measure.

I cannot help you in regard to Pompeii Scavi, but I believe there is a facility there - see;tid=34567748

kimberlina01 Sep 19th, 2005 04:19 AM

this is a good question...i need to drop-off my bags too. i am taking a ferry to Naples...going to the Nat. Museum there for the day...and then heading to Amalfi (with luggage).

I am curious why you just dont see Pompeii from you base in Sorrento? That is what we are doing.

kimberlina01 Sep 19th, 2005 10:20 AM

travelhook Sep 19th, 2005 03:07 PM

I was thinking to see Pompeii after Naples since both are on the way to Sorrento by Circumvensuvenia so it will save us one trip. And on the way back to Rome from Naples train station on our last day in Campania, I am thinking we still have time to see Herculaneum in the morning when we take again the Circum train back to Piazza Garibaldi.

If we have finished the two sightseeings (Naples and Pompeii), we can do the Almafi coast. We have only short stay and I wish we could stay longer. From what I have read, the Almafi coast is really maybe next time.

Hope this answers your question. Thanks again for sharing.

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