Luggage on Trains

Jul 3rd, 2013, 03:35 PM
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"Guys...Words that I have come to live by regarding shoes and purses:
Its not about need its about wants- understand that and you will save yourself a lot of grief!"

Completely agree. And I'd like to add that speculating about the size and content of the purses also just adds grief
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Jul 3rd, 2013, 03:47 PM
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BillT on Jul 3, 13 at 4:43pm
We can agree to disagree- perhaps there are other reasons all I know is what I have observed over several decades.
Shall we get into shoes and purses?

I am a geezer in your generation and have been traveling with different women for decades. I don't think you can categorize women with any algorithm relating age and pounds of cosmetics or number of bras they take on a trip. My most recent girlfriend, a mere 73 years old, carried at least 30 pounds of cosmetics and vitamins on weekend trips. On top of that the back seat and trunk were crammed with clothes, shoes, and all kinds of stuff. I dreaded the thought of having to do a European rail vacation with her. I am not a burro. My daughter packed a 30" suitcase to the brim for a trip to Italy. It was 49.6 pounds, just under the airline limit. I was the beast of burden getting it to the airport. Fortunately the handle has broken off (wonder why?) and she is now using a pair of 22" rolling bags. That's still way too much but it illustrates my point that two women separated by two generations can do the same miserable packing job! I think you, Bill, are looking forward to getting in some exercise carrying all that very important junque around.
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Jul 3rd, 2013, 07:27 PM
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I have not taken the bus for this route.... But I did just take a 3 hour bus ride last week in Slovenia. The bus made 2 stops for the bathroom. In general, I also prefer the train.

I do not know what causes them to stick on the first class car... As I have seen zero, one or two first class cars. There is an international route which goes thru where I live (Budapest) and I take it as far as Prague. That specific train should have first class. It goes onto Berlin but you would have to ensure it stops in Dresden.

I can understand that not every train on this route has first class... But I would think some do. I am taking this train today... Let me check it out.
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