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LUGANO-LUCARNO... or LUCERN-PILATUS... OR? - Which is more scenic?


May 18th, 2010, 09:02 PM
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LUGANO-LUCARNO... or LUCERN-PILATUS... OR? - Which is more scenic?

Which area is more scenic?

I am interested in Scenery, Nature, photography (outdoor as much a s possible, weather permitting).

My original plan (Arriving and departing from Zurich) was:

* 6 days with a friend next to Zurich, taking day trips (Lucern, Pilatus)
* 5 days at Burner Oberland (Lauterbrunen) +Bern

My friend is sick so I need to re-plan. I am considering going first to Berner Oberland (maybe add 1-2 days and stay there 6-7 days). I need a plan for 4 (5) days.

I would like to go (scenic way) and STAY in ONE additional place with possibilities for spectacular scenic day trips around it, similar to the possibilities around Interlaken, Jungfrau / Lauterbrunen valleys and the Lakes.

The only thought that I have is of going to Lake Maggiore & Lugano (Lochberg?, Simplon?), stay there and go back to Zurich (via?).
Zermatt is interesting but seems out of the way and will need a night stay?
I am not sure that it is worth dedicating 4-5 days to this area; nice but nothing spectacular?

Which area is more scenic: Lucern or lugano? Or another one?

I am lost. Please help me, comment on the above, and recommend:
where to go (route to and from, stops?), where to stay, and priority of what to see.

Thanks a lot!
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May 18th, 2010, 09:37 PM
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Hi Tuli,

What time of year will this be? The Lugano/Locarno area is in the very southern part of the county and has Italian influence in cuisine, language, etc. It will be the warmest spot, and if you're going in August that might be a factor. It will also give you more of a contrast with the Oberland area.

Zermatt has spectacular scenery and great hiking once you get outside the town, but I agree that the town is relatively charmless (at least to me).

If you like cities and want to see more mountains, then go to Luzern.

I think the best thing to do is to get photos of each area (using google images or some such site) and see if one or the other appeals to you more.

Have fun!

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May 20th, 2010, 01:30 AM
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Dear swandav2000,
I am very happy to get your response, so I don't feel alone and lost...I have to make last minute change, reservation!
I am overwhelmed by the huge amount of info on-line
and would appreciate A SIMPLE SUMMARY for each.

I am planning on going there at the second part of June. Is it very hot then?

I am NOT interested in cities at all.
I AM INTERESTED IN SCENERY, NATURE (FLOWERS TOO)PHOTOGRAPHY, some interesting architecture; OUTDOOR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, WHETHER PERMITTING. So, it is good to be in a place with interesting things to do when it rains.

I doubt whether there is time, on the way from Lauterbrunen to Lugano, to go to Zermat, go up (what is best) to see the view and get to Lugano on the same day.
Is there?

Your advise to look at photos on the internet is a good one. The problems are: 1)I don't necessarily find photos for all the points in a particular area, 2) They tend to show pictures of how places look from the air, rather what the visitor sees...

Most of all: 3)This way I don't get a summary of what there is to see in a certain area, so that I can compare different areas.


I can't wait to get your response.
Thanks a million!
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May 20th, 2010, 06:07 AM
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Berner Oberladn: spectacular mountain scenery with excellent access to the mountains.

Luzern/Pilatus: IMO the most beautiful lake in Switzerland with the snow-covered Alps as a backdrop. Take a boat trip on Vierwaldstädter See in order to enjoy the scenery. Pilatus is also excellently accessible and offers breathtaking views of the lake and of the Alps. It is most impressive, when there are clouds on the lake. A smaller mountain near Luzern is the Rigi. Its main advantage is that you see the Pilatus from the Rigi. Even if you are not interested in cities, you will like the town of Luzern and you will definitely take photos of the covered bridges spanning across the river.

Zermatt: The town is not overly picturesque but not bad and the Matterhorn is the world's most beautiful mountain. If you take the trams and do a little hiking, you find striking photographic opportunities. I would say, a photographer's paradise.

Locarno/Lago Maggiore: IMO, the least scenic of the North Italian lakes. No snow-covered mountains around there. And it might get pretty hot there.

The main difference between Luzern and Zermatt is: In Luzern, you are close to the mountains, in Zermatt, you are IN the mountains. However, Luzern has the lake..

Here my ranking when it comes to scenery:

Berner Oberland *****
Zermatt *****
Luzern ****
Locarno **

If you want to get visual impressions of the places, use Google Earth and click on the Panoramio-photos.
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May 20th, 2010, 09:51 PM
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Dear Echnaton,
Thanks a million for your very useful summary!
It is great that you wrote the prioritized list (with stars)
this is excatly what I was hoping to "hear".

As for BERNER OBERLAND, there is no question in my mind that it is number 1 priority; (Jungfrau or Schilthorn? I'll try both, weather permitting).
I am definitely going to spend there 6-7 days - depends on what else I do for the rest of the 11 days.

Since I do not wish to keep moving, I would like to go from Lauterbrunen to one more place, stay there, and take day trips (in a similar manner as in BO)

1) I understand that you recommend ZERMATT over LUZERN?
even though you say that in Luzern one sees the alps and the lake and lake view. correct?

If so, is it best to stay in Zermatt itself?
Please list day trips in PRIORITY order;
you are great at doing so!!!
How to DIVIDE the 11 days between BO (+Bern)& Zermat?
7&4? 6&5 (including travel time).

2) Does it make sense - time-wise - in 11 days to go, stay, and tour -
in addition to BO - BOTH Zermatt and Luzern?
If so:
- how to ALLOCATE the 11 days (including travel & half days?
- and what is the PRIORITY list for LUZERN?
How about Mt. TITLIS? (priority: Pilatus, Rigi, Titlis?)

3) Which roads to take (train, post-bus on mountain pass)?

It is wonderful to read your response!
Thanks so much for helping me; it's invaluable!
All the best Tuli
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