Lufthansa's New Europe Fares


Jul 31st, 2015, 09:27 AM
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Lufthansa's New Europe Fares

Travel just became a bit more complicated on Lufthansa. As a Lufthansa FF I get these advance notices. As of Oct 1, for internal flights on Lufthansa, there is now three levels to economy tickets - Light, Classic, and Flex. Light is carry-on only with options fees for luggage, seat reservation, etc. Classic is one checked bag up to 23kg, and Flex is what flex sounds like. For greater detail see --

These fare levels do not apply to international flights or connecting flights associated with an international flight. Drifting towards a la carte pricing.
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Jul 31st, 2015, 11:49 PM
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Lufthansa takes over the fare model that they have tested with their brand Germanwings. What puzzles me is that they introduce it for Lufthansa flights in Europe. My impression was there are no Lufthansa flights in Europe anymore, just Germanwings flights.

The Lufthansa management must be in complete disorder - first they changed many Lufthansa flights to Germanwings flights, now they are starting to change Germanwings flights to Eurowings flights.

It is very costly to develop a brand, and these days brands are sold at terrific prizes, even if the original company that once developed the brand does not exist anymore. In 2013, the value of the brand "Lufthansa" was estimated $ 3638 million, ranking second (behind Emirates and ahead Delta) in the world's list of most valuable airline brands.

And Lufthansa deliberately destroys her own brand which once had a good name in the industry. They obviously do not know what they do, they just imitate what others do in a desparate way. I would think twice before I would buy Lufthansa shares.
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