Lost in france!

Dec 30th, 1997, 10:52 AM
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Lost in france!

Since no one is responding I thought I would try it again.....Can anyone reccomend places to stay, things to do, sites to see while we are working our way up from Nice to Paris...we are going through Reims, Dijon and Lyon! Thanks.
Dec 30th, 1997, 06:20 PM
Carol Leventhal
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Oh, to be lost in France! What a great idea...if it is of interest, try stopping in Vienne for an overnight. Vienne is a provincial city with an ancient Roman amphitheatre. For many years, during the lifetime of Ferdinand Point, it also had one of the world's truly superb restaurants, La Pyramide. Someone has taken over the name and built a new facility. Lyon of course is a gastronomical delight, but you knew that! Carol L
Dec 30th, 1997, 08:43 PM
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My opinion is to bypass Dijon, just a big unremarkable city. About 20 min from Dijon is Beaune, the center of Burgundy wine. A walled city within a city, more like the France you go to France for. Do a wine cellar tour, the best is Pere et Fils, and steep in history and wine. You won't be sorry.
Dec 31st, 1997, 05:03 AM
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Hi. My husband and I drove from Barcelona to Paris last year. We stopped at several places I would recommend... but my all time favorite was a little town destroyed by the Nazis, which was left just as it was that day all those years ago... as a memorial. It was so eerie. I'm at work... and I've got to go... but I just wanted to mention it... something like Suradur-an-Glane (sp?).
Jan 2nd, 1998, 01:20 AM
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Beaune is worth seeing for the Hotel Dieu alone. I think Wayne is a bit hard on Dijon! Vezelay near Avallon, is a must. If going through the centre, Bourges is a lovely city - old town, cathedrale, marais.
Jan 3rd, 1998, 09:24 AM
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My favorite was the Loire Valley, so many gorgeous sites and relatively quiet. If you are hitting the east side, try Fontainbleu near Paris. We traveled to the Loire last year from Luxembourg, and stopped at Reims and Paris along the way. Only spend a day in Reims. It was an industrial city, you need only enough time to see the cathedral and a few Champagne caves. Tattinger offers tours and is built on top of a detroyed monestary. Mumm has a great informative tour as well.
Jan 3rd, 1998, 06:06 PM
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Greg is so right about Beaune. It is a charming little city, and the Musee de l'Hotel Dieu is not to be missed. It is a working hospice directly across the street from the tourist bureau. Pictures of it and its fabulous tiled roof(s) are on every postcard and all articles referring to Beaune. I had wanted to see it for years and finally did last year. We actually had a little trouble finding it as we were looking for the tiled roofs, but you don't see them from the street because of the high wall which was built around the entire hospice eons ago so the tax assessor wouldn't notice it and tax them accordingly. The hospice itself and its history is spell-binding. It was one of the highlights of our month-long trip to Switzerland and France and was a sight I promise you will not be forgotten.
Jan 4th, 1998, 02:20 PM
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I agree that Beaune is well worth visiting. I also will recommend Nyons in northern Provence and Hermitage in the Rhone Valley (beatifully situated by the Rhone river; excellent wine is made there, and the local framboise is a "must"). If you have the time and opportunity I also will recommend Alsace. Visit one of the wine villages e.g. Ribeauville, take a bike trip to the wine properties there; buy "grand cru" Alsace wine; it is unforgettable. Best regards from Nils

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