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MyBailey Mar 11th, 2011 05:59 AM

Looking for a Hotel in Zurich--Any Hidden Gems?
I was hoping to get some names of Hotels in Zurich( not too far from the train station) that might be hidden gems--not Hotels everyone knows about. We like quaint--but not run down.I thought New York City prices were high..but Zurich is off the chart. We would like to keep it under $275 USD. Thanks for the help!

Weekender Mar 11th, 2011 06:05 AM

We very much enjoyed the Romantik Florhof in Zurich. Check for special rates.

swandav2000 Mar 11th, 2011 06:47 AM

Hi MyBailey,

My favorite little gem is actually in Küsnacht, a suburb of Zürich, but right on the lake. It's the 4-star Sonne ( It sits across the street from the Küsnacht train station, and you can be in Zürich in about 20 minutes or at the airport in about 40 minutes (two direct trains every hour).

I adore its garden bar/restaurant.

Rates start at 195 chf for a street side room, 245 chf for a courtyard room or 265 chf for a lakeside room.

Have fun!


hsv Mar 11th, 2011 07:08 AM

I second the recommendation of Romantik Hotel Sonne in Kuesnacht. If the weather is nice it might also be worth it to travel by ship across the lake either into Zurich or back to the hotel. There is a berth next to the hotel.

If you prefer to stay in the city and don't want to spend much, Bar Hotel Seehof is close to the Stadelhofen station and the opera and only a stone's throw from the lake shore. It is a tiny hotel with small (and a few larger) rooms with a modern clean design and good bath rooms and products.
As a downside rooms facing the backyard do not close out all outside sounds.

gruezi Mar 11th, 2011 07:21 AM

MyBailey -

Yes, NYC can start to look like a bargain after some European cities! (Esp. Zurich where everything is expensive.)

We always sent our visitors to Hotel Opera for its great central location by Bellevue and the lake and walkable to most downtown places - it is very clean, comfortable and recently renovated most rooms. Not sure you could meet your budget but check.

Ira was once interested in a Hotel St. Josef which is less costly and very close to the train and the old town. I stopped in to have a look and it seemed a good value.

(Most Swiss hotels at the very least will be clean and have courteous service. The issue in Zurich is not to be on a noisy old town street on the weekends where the kids are out partying all night. Also, there is a sex district but I doubt you would end up there... )

I love the Hotel Schweizerhof, right across from the train station, but it can be pricey. I spent my last night in Switzerland there in October and it was a perfect sendoff and a short walk across the street to the train to Paris.

The hotel Swandav recommends is in the village next to where we lived for four years. It can be very crowded there on the weekends now as many locals like to hang out in the garden which sits on the lake and there is a ferry stop right there. They have put in a self-service restaurant for drinks and gipfeli (croissants) and you cannot find a parking spot or table if the weather is decent. Otherwise, it is charming but I would prefer to be downtown if I were a short-term visitor. OTOH, transportation is convenient to both the HB (main train station) and the airport.

If you do a search here on Zurich hotels you will come up with a number of threads and other suggestions.



scatcat Mar 11th, 2011 08:19 AM

I highly recommend Hotel St. Josef! I have been staying there for years, even before it was renovated. Very clean as gruezi says, I have never stayed at a dirty hotel in Switzerland.

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