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Judyrem Mar 18th, 2008 10:39 AM

London trip report.
Jusst got back from London with my adult children. It was there first time there and they LOVED it! Flew BA's 777 and there was no problem at all. "Just airports" guy was waiting for us with a sign and there was no problem whatsoever...higly recommend them. Problem with the rented flat however. The qoner was supposed to be there at 10am to give us the keys. He called the concierge and said we could not get into the flat because the people that had rented did not leave....hmmmmm. No mention of that in my emails to him. Needless to say, my Dh was a bit irritated. We did some walking around Big Ben Buckingham Palace area and saw portions of the not go on the weekend, the whole EU was there:-). Finally got in around 2 and the place was being short nap! Finallly cleaning lady finished the bedrooms, so we all took naps! Woke up refreshed and to a spotlessly cleaned place. The place was great with all the amenities, inluding a PC and uni washer/dryer. My only negative feelings were the location...we were in Albert Embankment and we had to transfer all the time with buses and tubes...pain in the neck. Price/3/bedroom2 bath were a factors in the decision. We did all the tourist things and it was wonderful to see the reactions of my history buff children to historic London. They were enraptured with the Tower and Westminister and the British Museum. They took a bus tour with Evans to Bath Salisbury and Stonehenge. I had a 24 hour stomach thingey(yuck), so my DH and I did not go. We did the Olde Cheshire Cheese which was a HUGE hit! What atmosphere! We did Waga, Da Mario, Carluccios(not so good) and a fab Portugese restaurant near our place, Cafe Madeira. They did there own exploring and London walks. We did the British Library...fab! National Portrait Gallery, very nice. They passed on the art museums(Philistines), but I always go to the National Gallery.

Judyrem Mar 18th, 2008 10:43 AM

Sorry I clicked too early. Finishing this report, I have to say London seduced my children to the dark side of love of travel and esp. London. I asked where our next family vaction should be and they said London! I gently reminded them there will always be London :-). It will be Paris!

LCBoniti Mar 18th, 2008 10:51 AM

Yes, love of travel is an addiction. I always want to return to the place I've just been, too, because when you've had a great time, you can never get enough.

Thanks for sharing your trip report.

avalon Mar 18th, 2008 10:55 AM

Sounds like you've gotten your kids "addicted'!

Funny, though, we tried Cheshire cheese for the 1st time in many trips to London and thought the food, at least what my husband ordered, was awful. And one of the best meals we had was at Carluccio's!

Judyrem Mar 18th, 2008 11:46 AM

Avalon, Cheshire was such an unique experience for them that I think they did not mind the mediocre food. My SIL wanted to go back, I said there were OTHER places to try ;-). Carluccios was on a late Sunday evening. My linuine vongole was excellent and my son's chicken milanese was wonderful...HOWEVER, we had to send the calamari back and we were so ruined on calamari, that we did not order it again that week...bummer :-(. Ya never know?

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