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snowpea Aug 15th, 2001 08:07 PM

London to Paris - Plane or Eurostar
Arriving to Gatwick, want to go to Paris for a week first, then back to London for a week. Is it better to fly (since we are already at airport) or Eurostar? Someone recommended stand by for a cheap flight if not then Eurostar, but do we really need reservations? Haven't booked for either only the round trip tickets to Gatwick.

Jenn Aug 16th, 2001 05:58 AM

I guess it depends on what you plan on doing and how much you want to spend. When I was in London this last May, we fly from Stansted to Paris for like $40.00 which for was much cheaper than taking the Eurostar, espeically when there were 3 of us. We used and had no problem. They were quick, efficient, and very nice. And Stansted was easy to get to. We just took the train there and had no problems whatsoever. <BR> <BR>Jenn

elvira Aug 16th, 2001 05:59 AM

Either choice is efficient: fly Gatwick to Paris airport, transportation into the city; from Gatwick, transportation into the city, to Waterloo, Eurostar into center of Paris. <BR> <BR>Cost is the big factor; go to to see cost differences with different days, and with advanced reservations.

Kate Aug 16th, 2001 06:41 AM

We took the Eurostar one way from London to Paris. Went first class & it was a lovely trip. (You are only under the Channel for 20 mins.) Our trip included Paris, Vouvray, Brugge & Brussels (which we flew out of.)

janis Aug 16th, 2001 07:15 AM

The main problem with waiting to book the Eurostar until you are there is that to get discounted fares you need make advance purchase. Buying less than 14 days ahead will cost you a large premium. <BR> <BR>Both ways are good - but with Eurostar, if you take the Gatwick express to Victoria you then have to transfer to Waterloo to catch the Eurostar, wheras you can fly directly out of Gatwick. Usually I prefer the train, but in this case I'd probably recommend flying. <BR> <BR>

Danni Aug 16th, 2001 03:11 PM

On a previous trip, we walked into the Ashford station and happened on a really terrific special, but this coming trip we are probably going to fly as it seems cheaper.

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