London Theater Tickets

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London Theater Tickets

What is the best way to get theater tickets for London. The last time my travel agent arranged for them, but I am not going through an agent this time. Should I arrange for them through the NY firms or is it better to get them in London. I can't recall the name of the companies here in the US. Does anyone know?
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I believe you can use You can also by tickets from the theater. A sign will be out if the House is full that night.

I bought tickets from a half price ticket booth in Leicester Square for same day performance. It really isn't half price, but it is a discount. We saw Chicago. Have a good time.
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For the greater majority of the shows
waiting until you get to London and relying on the 1/2 price tickets in
Leicester Square or going to the theatre
itself is probably sufficient.
There is a company Albemarle of London
that you can deal with, for a fee, and
they can find the harder to get tickets,
Globe Theatre and such, or if your time
is really limited and you have a specific show to see. We wanted to see
the Tempest at the Globe and were able
to get tickets the price was about 20% higher and you wouldn't want to do that
all the time but for a specific show or
hard to get items it might work well. They even had a couple of tickets to
Mama Mia the hottest show in London and
tickets are supposedly hard to come by.
But at least its an option for you. Thehotel you're staying at also could be an avenue to help you find tickets.
Excuse me the e-mail for Albemarle is
([email protected]) fax is(44-
171 631 0375)
Good luck and have a great time.
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Here are some:
Good Show charges a flat fee ($25, 6/99) for two plays, up to six tickets per show. For each additional show there is a $10 fee, again for up to six tickets. The site also provides theatre reviews, schedules (including the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford) and fringe productions. Theatre and concert schedules,reviews, seating plans, prices
tickets, seating charts includes a click to the Globe theatre website.
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I just posted a reply to your message but it seems to have gone off into never never land ... oh well, once again!

I've called the theaters directly on occasion for tickets and that worked out real well. Also used TicketmasterUK (very good website) with no problems at all. Edwards & Edwards Global Tickets is another source I've used. We've always planned far in advance and have gotten great seats (first couple of rows) each time we've been in London at all the shows we've ever seen no matter what method we used. Ablemarle is also a ticket agency and has seating charts on their website (which come in very handy no matter who you use). We like to plan ahead and therefore buy tickets in advance - the more lead time you have the better seats you can get naturally. This may not appeal to everyone of course (hence Leicester Sq. Ticket Booth) or going to the theater directly the day/night of the show and hoping to get tickets. Quite honestly I do not find standing around a theater box office of a hot show waiting to see if there are any "returns" a productive use of my vacation time but again, each to their own. If you are going soon you might find dealing with an agency (Ticketmaster, Edwards&Edwards, Ablemarle, etc.) the best bet.
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Try and book directly with the theatre by calling them directly. You can avoid agent's fees.
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We used the for our tickets this fall, and it worked great. Direct contact with the theatre (phone calls and/or email); the tickets were at WillCall as promised (seating plans on the website!!). Second the motion from Shelley on this site!
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I wouldn't bother buying theater tickets in advance unless it's a *really* sold-out show (i.e., Mamma Mia!--we had to buy through Albemarle for that one). Most of the time, for most shows, you'll be able to walk up to the box office same-day and buy tickets, particularly if it's during the week. For me, half the fun of coming to London is waiting until I get there, checking out that week's Time Out, and picking an array of shows that seem exciting.

The Half-Price Ticket Booth in Leicester Square does indeed sell its tickets at half price; Jean may be referring to the fact that you also do pay a service fee to them, but the price of each ticket is indeed half the face value. In some cases that's a better deal than in others, but again, it's always like a treasure hunt to go to the Booth and see what they've got that day. (Weekdays are always better than Fridays and Saturdays).

If you *really* have your heart set on one particular show and it's likely to be sold out (you can check how popular things seem to be by reading theater news on or, then by all means buy in advance, but in most cases, you can save yourself the agent's fee and/or the long distance charges.
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A lot of people are confused about the Leicester Square half price booth. The official one that does sell all its tickets at half price (plus a small fee) and normally only sells the top price tickets, virtually guaranteeing that any ticket you get there is for a very good seat is the free standing building at the south end of the actual square or park. All those other booths that call themselves "half price" or "discount" are essentially ripoffs. Most sell the cheapest seats at prices above what they should be, then tells you that is is discounted. Yes it is less than the most expensive seats, but you are usually getting one of the cheapest seats. By the way, I am a theatre person. When I go to New York I prebook every show (7 in 5 days first week of April), but in London I rarely book anything. I have always had great luck at the box office day of performance for blockbusters (sometimes must pay cash as they are house seats being resold by company members or returns), or everything else at the OFFICIAL half price booth in Leicester Square. The longest I have ever stood in line there was about 20 minutes even though the lines seemed very long. And I never have to wait when going directly to the theatre box office.

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