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ssander Dec 14th, 2014 03:50 PM

London: Pollock's Toy Museum - Is it still open?
Pollock's Toy Museum -- which we have enjoyed in the past -- seems to have a dead website.

Does anyone know if it is still open and in the same location -- just off Whitfield Street on Scala Street, near the Goodge Street tube station?


janisj Dec 14th, 2014 03:57 PM

The toy shop is open

It appears the museum doesn't have a physical location

flanneruk Dec 14th, 2014 08:46 PM

I think it'sv even more complicated than janisj implies

Pollocks Theatrical Print Warehouse at the corner of Whitfield St and Scala St was reported on a local blog to be open just three weeks ago ( ) It appears to be run by a man called Eddy Fawdry - and not to have a live website. It's not clear whether it has any connection with the Pollock's Toy Museum Trust

Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop over in Monmouth St does have a live website, appears to have some connection with the Trust, but to be owned and run by a woman called Louise Heard (

This all smells of conflicts and messy legal relationships between physical shops, historical archives, intellectual property, trust deeds and different people's aspirations. A web of disputes that's been kept away from the Web, or at any rate that's too obscure for my googling skills.

The Fitzrovia site seems to indicate there is something theatre-related (the whole thing started off with toy theatres) still trading in Scala St, and able to be visited. Quite what that is, is probably best determined by visiting the place.

Rubicund Dec 15th, 2014 02:20 AM

I found the following on google, which talks about a 1960's purchase of the firm:

It appears that a lady named Fawdry bought it, obviously related to the gentleman that flanner referenced.

There's also this on the website:

The Peter Baldwin mentioned was an actor on Coronation Street:

and the entry references Pollock's.

ssander Dec 15th, 2014 10:49 AM

Guess I'll have to drop by the Scala Street location when we visit London in the spring to see if it still there. Although very, very small as museums go, it was a lot of fun when we were there before.


londongirl1 Feb 17th, 2015 01:50 PM

Pollocks Toy Museum used to be run for many years by Mrs Fawdry but she died I think and the shop on Scala St is run by her grandson who I think is probably a reasonable guy but not very enterprising. I remember there was a lot of worry about him taking over. He is not doing much to develop the shop, but does not seem very materialistic either. He has been able to keep the original toy collection there in the old house/shop. It is pretty old and creaky but really nice and it is an atmospheric quirky place to visit. The Pollocks toy museum trust is a separate group of people who want to develop the business and look after the toys in a more professional way and they really fell out very badly with Mr. Fawdry and he with them. They don't have access to the collection but are carrying on in the spirit of the original owner and taking a longer term view. They have links with the shop of Benjamin Pollock of Covent garden which is a more modern and progressive business with better long term prospects of keeping the business going. Covent garden is a big tourist draw. Personally I like the laid back atmosphere of the dusty old place in Scala St - it has a lot of character and is really unique. However I don't know how long it can keep going. my advice is to go if you can, and see somewhere that is truly individualistic and part of a London that has now vanished - but you might not find it that well cared for ... but sometimes it is nice to have a place with personality rather than somewhere slicker and more commercial.

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