London /Park Lane area restaurants

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London /Park Lane area restaurants

I am going to London the week of October 20. My hotel is in the Park Lane area and I wonder if anyone can recommend good mid price restaurants near that area, as there will be days when I return from my day-long tours and will want to eat somewhere nearby. Also, can anyone give me any tips for the Portobello Road market, as I am staying for that as well. Thanks in advance, Annie.
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Portobello- Go EARLY and watch your purse, most of the outside dealers will just be offering Junque, but there are some very good inside dealers,
Georgina Jay for beautiful 18th and 19th century glas( my new fascination)
and W W Wilkinson for good english silver flatware at decent prices.

There are also good buys on watercolors if you are careful. Most of all it's a fun day but the crowds can be crushing. The street musicans are fun to listen to and get a seat early for lunch!!
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Thanks for the reply. Regarding Portobello: as in early, like 7:00 am?, also when you mentioned watercolors, would I be better off looking at inside dealers for those; any special recommendations for lunch in that area; and lastly, any ideas how to best pack these things to ship home. Thanks again, Annie.
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Hi Annie,

We usually try for between 7:30 and 8 depending on how fast i can get the body moving in the morning!

I think there is a better selection inside , there is a very nice dealer near Wynward wilkinson's silver stand in the Red Lion Arcade, I have picked up several good watercolors there. It's in the corner of the last aisle, to the right of the silver dealer. If you are interested in botanical prints, real ones not restrikes, there is a good shop called Cranbournes at 113 Portobello. If I buy something framed , I usually remove the frame, leave on the old matting even if I will be replacing it and pick up some heavy board at a stationer's. I travel witha hardsided suitcase so the pics go in there , unless they are small enough to go in my carry on bag. If the paper is in good condition and can be rolled , I pick up a mailing tube and stick that in my case. Only time I bring home a frame is if it is period to the picture, and small enough to go in my small carryon bag.

As to lunch , there a several pubs, I don't like the smoke so we usually either head back to NHG and head up Kensington Church St where there are several cafes, or down Westbourne Grove are several nice places. There is one place on Portobello that we have gone into and had a good lunch but I cannot rememeber the name, on the left hand side going down, 2 or 3 steps up , and a large window thru which you can see the tables, they also have an upstairs! Maybe ssomeone will know the place I mean and can supply the name! It's not hard to find and right on P rd if you are planning on staying after lunch.
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Restaurants in South Kensington/Hyde Park areas include Ognisko Polskie in Princes Gate Hearty meat dishes and suerkraut. Or Le Suquet in Draycott Avenue French/seafood specialities.
Another antique market is Bermondsey (Fridays) Bermondsey Street SE1
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When we were buying to sell, Bermondsey on Fridays was always on our stops, but 4 AM comes too early for me and if you get there after 8 the goodies are gone and some dealers are packing up to leave. It is worth the trip and the time, especially if you like silver, there are some good buys and you can bargain but you are bargaining with the pros! If you go take a flashlight!

A really good restaurant that we like near the Park Lane area, Montepeliano, on Montpelier St across from Harrods, might be a little too far to walk though .
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Ben Haines
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Dear Ms Shulan,

Park Lane is an expensive area, but 500 yards west is an area called Shepherds Market, with 15 or so restaurants, many with national cuisine. I go for the Lebanese Cafe Sofra and the Polish, but there are plenty more, and reasonably priced. In the Cafe Sofra I check what others are eating, and order from that.

Your hotel concierge will show you Kinnerton Street on a street atlas. The Nags Head is at 53 Kinnerton Street, and the Wilton Arms at 71 Kinnerton Street. These Belgravia pubs have lunch and evening meals.

Please write if I can help further. Welcome to London

Ben Haines

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