London, Paris or Rome.

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London, Paris or Rome.

I have been to all these cities. I am currently reading tourist guides about Rome, and I notice that these three European cities are often considered to be the top three Western European cities for tourist sites/culture/shopping/restaurants, etc.

My question is which do you prefer and why?

I am not asking which city of the three I should visit.

As for me I'm bias and I choose London. I do wonder if I wasn`t bias to London (and England) which city I`d choose.

Let the debate begin.
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Hi S,

I rank Paris, London and Rome, in that order.
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For me it's London, Paris, Rome
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1. Paris - favourite city in the world

2. London - I live here and its got everything

3. Rome - by default
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1. Paris - hands down
2. London
3. Rome
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Don't like Rome
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1. Paris, because it is utterly charming and it has everything I travel for - great art and culture, beautiful parks and sights,wonderful walking, excellent food, great shopping, delightful people and a wonderful countryside nearby.

2. London because it has most everything Paris has but lacks the charm and is more expensive.

3. Rome - I used to love Rome but for the past 10 years or so, it isn't even my favorite city in Italy.
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Paris, London, Rome. In that order.

Paris is perfect, I need not say more.

London has tons of history and lots to see and do. Food sucks and its expensive though.

Rome, I haven't been to Rome in over 20 yrs, but what I recall is hot, crowded, and dusty,, plus, get this, I didn't like the food, I mean come on folks, pasta is just flour and water thats hardened up, LOL !!

I am returning to Rome this July so when I return I may have a completly different opinion!!
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To live: London. Easily managable. No mad red tape. Best food (yes really). Best peeps.

To visit: Paris - lovely. Compact.

Romes - neither. Italy is a bureaucrastic nightmare. The traffic is impossible and it's full of italians. Still nice for a visit though.
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London--it calls to me; I don't know why.
Paris--beautiful city, and it has macarons
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1. Rome- can't get enough of it

1b. Paris- very close second

3. London- undersized NYC with pubs
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London-Multicultural city with people from all over the globe. Still the best theatre(sorry NYC) and many free museums. A history buffs dream. London may not be as beautiful as Paris but the vibe of the city is like no other. My second home May lack the charm but love the British humour!

Paris-Beautiful architecture. Good food and wine for the money.

Rome-Never been there.
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I tortured myself with this question all the way to work today. I do love all three and for different reason. I guess it's like my children. I don't have to pick one over the other!

It's Italy that won't let go of me though.
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1) Paris- because I love Paris and it haunts my dreams.
2) Rome - because of its wealth of historical sites; its proximity to Vatican City; the Baroque architecture and art.
3)London - I've no desire to vist London at all and don't expect to ever plan a vacation there.
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Roma - love Roma!
Paris - enjoyed it, don't know when I'll return
London - never been, probably never will - too expensive & I know I'll hate their weather
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For those who haven't been to London and don't think they'd like it: I thought the same thing for the first half dozen years of my international travel life. Then I went there. It caught be by surprise and I really do love it. Give it a shot. You might be surprised.
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1. Paris-have been going, almost annually, for 30+years.
2. I detest Rome....have been 3 times. After the first visit, I only went back because I had to hook up with some Flemish friends who were vacationing there. I'd have preferred to visit them at their house in Belgium like I would usually do.
3. I have no desire to visit London except if the Burberry store is Chunnel over from France to shop and Chunnel back to France. I've transferred planes through Heathrow several times. Happy Travels!
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This comes out as rather picky and personal, but it surprises me when people post to a specific question comparing 3 cities with "X is great, but I have no desire to go to Y".

How can the OP make a judgement based on the perceptions of an unknown poster who feels they won't like somewhere ?

I have been lucky enough to have been to all 3 cities, although I cannot claim to be an expert on any of them. All have great public buildings, masses of history, great art galleries and museums.

A phrase I have used before - in my opinion Paris is the most beautiful, London the most accessible, and Rome the most interesting.

Paris is chic, stylish, has wonderful boulevards and public spaces.

Rome is two cities for me - the ancient Rome, and the Religious Rome. Both are fascinating. If you are North American and of Western European extraction, then Rome is filled with your history.

London is easy. They speak something resembling your language - you lose a little in "foreign-ness" but gain alot in knowing that if you get lost or confused, people will understand you.

Personally, I would want to spend several months in both Rome and Paris before I made a final judgement, but at the moment Rome just edges it.
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I'd need six months in both London and Paris, then maybe back & forth for a couple of weeks a few times, in order to issue a firm judgement on this.
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1. Paris - it warms the senses whether you are sitting in a park or walking down a side street. It is impossible to tire of Paris.

2. London - fun and energetic; always a rewarding visit.

3. Rome - a nice tourist spot, but not necessarily a place to return to year after year.
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