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Jan 16th, 2015, 11:25 PM
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Is it possible to travel those countries in 25 days?
What is the budget that i have to save up?
What is the easiest way to travel intercity?
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Jan 17th, 2015, 01:42 AM
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London to Paris by Eurostar from £34.50 www.eurostar.com

Paris to Nice by TGV in 5h36 from 25 euros ($35?) www.capitainetrain.com

Nice-Monaco a few euros by local train, buy at station.

Nice-Marseille maybe 20 euros, www.capitainetrain.com
Stay overnight then go Marseille to Barcelona from 49 euros ($59?) on the morning direct TGV 186mph train, again www.capitainetrain.com

Barcelona-Valencia-Madrid use www.renfe.com or (if any problems) www.loco2.com which is easier.

Madrid-Paris via Barcelona in a day, www.loco2.com, Paris-Brussels from 29 euros www.capitainetrain.com
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Jan 17th, 2015, 01:50 AM
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Is it possible? yes, as Man in Seat 61 demonstrates above.
Will you see anything? probably not a lot.
Does the 25 days include arrival and departure days? Do you like trains? I hope so because you will be seeing a lot of those in 25 days with this route.
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Jan 17th, 2015, 02:33 AM
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No, not really, unless your goal is to photograph the train stations. And the man in seat 61 has given the MOST economical fares (thanks for that) possible but unless you plan exactly for when they are available, they could be much more.
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Jan 17th, 2015, 02:48 AM
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Roughly 8 days traveling out of 25 days leaves roughly 16 days say (give or take travel in and out) so two days in each place possible. Now it deepends on what you like. I'd prefer to spend 5 times as long in London as Monaco, but....
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Jan 17th, 2015, 02:50 AM
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Agree with Gretchen and hetismij2. What interests you most about these places? What places do you most want to go to, and which ones are you ok with saving for a separate trip.

You have a couple of doable trips in 25 days - where you will be able to visit a few places, see great things, and get somewhat of a feel for your destination - amongst your selections, but it's hard to advise you which to focus on without any idea of your interests. For example, these combinations of your key places would be more enjoyable on a 25 day time frame than all of them with little time in each place:

London-Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam (or reverse direction)

London-Paris-Monaco-Nice or London-Paris-Monaco/Nice-Barcelona (staying in Nice and visiting Monaco while in Nice) (or reverse direction)

Monaco/Nice-Barcelona-Valencia-Madrid (or reverse direction)

London-Paris-Barcelona-Madrid (or reverse direction)
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Jan 17th, 2015, 04:49 AM
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Well you actually have a number of cites - not countries.

And while it is certainly possible to get to all of them in 25 days you will be spending the bulk of your time in traveling from one place to another rather than actually seeing anything.

You can count on taking from 6 to 7 days just getting from one place to another - so you will have 14 days left to see 9 cities - so 1.5 days each. You can easily see Monaco in one day - but for the others it is a nonsense.

Suggest you pick the 4 places you really want to se most and spend at least a little time in each with the possibilities of day trips (for instance Monaco as a half day from Nice).

Without knowing who you are, what your interests are, what type of budget you have and what time of year you will be traveling.
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Jan 17th, 2015, 08:07 AM
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Huge waste of time and money . . . UNLESS you are really in it mostly for the train rides and don't care about seeing/doing much else. Some people ARE train nuts and the 'getting there' is more important than the 'being there'. If you are a rail travel hobbyist - sure. Otherwise, a terrible plan.
janisj is online now  
Jan 17th, 2015, 08:33 AM
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If you do take as many trains as janis says you might then a railpass is a no-brainer but yes I would trim off some so you are not on trains all the time (unless like me you're a rail nut!)

For lots of great info on trains and railpasses and discounted tickets that are viable if you travel far less on trains that you propose check out these IMO fantastic sites: www.seat61.com - Man in Seat 61 who posts above his commercial site (RailEurope is an official sponsor the site says so click on Man's link to RailEurope for railpass prices); www.ricksteves.com and www.budgeteuropetravel.com.

Overnight trains can be used if you are not a light sleeper to cover gross distances at night and also save on the cost of a hotel. There are several you could hop on your proposed general trip.
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Jan 17th, 2015, 10:22 AM
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I'm not sure where you are coming from, but your proposed trip has a lot of back tracking. Try to fly "open jaw" or "multi city" into one city (eg: London) and home from the farthest city (from wherever in Spain).
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Jan 17th, 2015, 10:34 AM
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>Is it possible to travel those countries in 25 days?< Yes!

Is it worth the time, effort and expense? No!
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