London Nightlife???

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London Nightlife???

Hello All! I am hoping you could help me. I am going to London in Feb 2003 for 6 days. I am a twenty-something female that enjoys all types of music and I am hoping to enjoy some of the local clubs/bars.

I have looked on and they have a listing but no real info on the different clubs. Can anyone suggest a bar/club that I could check out? Thanks in advance.
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Here are some sites for you to check:
A really good site with lots of information on the clubs featured.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see links on the left hand side for trendy bars, hotel bars and late night drinking (which usually indicates bar/club type places).
This site has a long list of bars/clubs with lots of customer reviews and "opinions".
A message board for clubs

Personal recommendations....
I like a lot of the places in Covent Garden, they tend to have a good mix of locals, commuters and tourists. Henry's Cafe/Bar is my favourite, although they do keep to pub hours and shut at 11pm. Smollensky's on the Strand is a restaurant with a nice bar which isnt too packed mid-week and stays open until about 1am I think.

Hope thats some help! Have fun.
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It all depends what kind of music/vibe you're into.

The Ministry of Sound (in South London - Brixton I think) and the Cross (in King's Cross) are quite popular but they're not in good areas of town, so I'd take a cab there and back and I wouldn't go alone. The clubs themselves are great, but quite techno-y.

If you like 70s stuff, the Carwash is great - but you have to dress up in 70s gear. Ok, it's not required but it makes it more fun. Also along the theme lines is something called School Disco (I think that's what it's called) where everyone dresses up in school uniforms. I've never been to either of these so can't give you more details, but they're also quite popular. School disco is probably more for the late teens, early 20s crowd though.

There are lots of great bars in Covent Garden and Soho but I would tend to stay away from all of the touristy nightclubs in Leicester Square.

There's a bar called Mash which I thought was great. I think it's just off Oxford Circus.

Hope this helps as a start anyway. There are so many great places to choose from!
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I am interested in going to the Minstry of Sound...anyone know what the cover charge is for a weekday night and what type of dress is best.
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Sorry, the Ministry of Sound is in Elephant & Castle. Still not a great area but the club is very well known and one of the best (so I've heard). You can find more info (including the cover charges here:
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Faith- try the Aquarium, Ministry of Sound, Bar Rumba and Rock. I went to The Rock Garden a couple of times the last time I was there; it's somewhat cheesy and very touristy, but it has great drink specials and a lot of silly fun. I agree with Kelly about the Carwash; it's great fun. The School Disco has a website(uniform is manditory, I think). It's I'm really big on hitting metro clubs, so I did a little research. Try this website for some info on London's now spots: It gives you a sense of what's going on. A lot of clubs are "members only" and even more have strict dress codes. Best advice- shop for "club" clothes while you're there; what better way to know the now fashions. Hope I helped. If you have any other questions about London's nightlife, feel free to email me. Have a great time!

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Oh, just as an aside, watch your drinks carefully. Something was slipped into my drink once and it was definitely not a pretty sight. I was just grateful to have my friends with me or anything could have happened. I was one sick puppy.

This could happen at any club in any city - not just London - but it's always better to be safe than sorry.
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Hi Faith....most of the suggestions are OK but not really "clubs" per se...ministry being the exception...mostly tourist or after work office crowds. The "coolest" area for clubs these days is Hoxton....slightly northeast of the centre (use Old Street tube stop). Mostly DJ type clubs and a young crowd. I like Herbal and Cargo but there are a lot more in the neighborhood. If you want to stay in centre try Soho...I like Akhbar and Lab. Drop me line if you need anymore info. Cheers, Rob
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Get TimeOut when you arrive. The online site is not as comprehensive as the magazine.
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Thanks for all the great info. I found a site of a club/bar called AKA in the Covent Garden area. Is it any good? Their website made it look good
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topping for Jessica
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Topping for Sherry
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