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Qs10dayadventures Jan 4th, 2018 04:04 AM

London Ireland Scotland
I’m in my early stages of planning a trip to London, Ireland and Scotland. We will be traveling for 14 days with both our teenagers.

Can you suggest an itinerary. What places are a must see and how many days on each city. What cities are good to see in All three countries. How many days do I need for each city.

Should I book and open jaw flight from Los Angeles or just a round trip to London Heathrow?

What about transportation?

Thank you in advance.

bilboburgler Jan 4th, 2018 04:47 AM

It would help if you offered

What time of year?
What do you and the kids like to do?
Do you want to see cities if so why what interests you

London is by far the biggest city in Europe, but there are lots of small cities across both islands.

Number of countries.... UK and Ireland...=2

StCirq Jan 4th, 2018 06:12 AM

This is not an itinerary-planning site. You can hire a travel agent to do that for you. Here, it is expected that you will at least have cracked some guidebooks and browsed the internet and put forth a proposal for your own itinerary.

When you have done that, people here will be more than happy to offer comments and help you modify your plans according to your interests, how you plan to travel around, what your budget is, when you are going, etc.

xcountry Jan 4th, 2018 06:21 AM

Welcome Qs10... that’s quite a name.

Have you thought of visiting non-cities? The west coast of Ireland is a nice place to visit if you like dramatic natural scenery. You could start by flying to Shannon, although air connections may not be optimal.

janisj Jan 4th, 2018 06:51 AM

No possible way to answer yet -- without more info from you as mentioned above.

If you trip is 14 days in duration (home to home) then you will only have 11.5 days on-the-ground. 11 days is very little for two countries plus the largest city in Western Europe. You really do need to come up with a basic itinerary - or at very least a wish list. The we can help refine it/improve it/tell you to start over cuz' its impossible -- which ever is applicable ;)

BigRuss Jan 4th, 2018 07:21 AM

Still looking for the third country in the post.

<<Can you suggest an itinerary.>>

Yeah, but I'm volunteering my time here. You're on one of the world's best-known travel sites. Surely a company like Fodors has information that could be useful, including proposed itineraries.

<<What places are a must see and how many days on each city.>>

No such thing as a universal must see.

<<What cities are good to see in All three countries.>>

Seriously, you're considering going to these places and don't have a clue on this? And LONDON IS NOT A COUNTRY.

<<How many days do I need for each city.>>

Depends upon your wants.

<<Should I book and open jaw flight from Los Angeles or just a round trip to London Heathrow?>>

Unanswerable at this point.

<<What about transportation?>>

What about it?

xcountry Jan 4th, 2018 07:27 AM

You might want to look at Google Flights to study possible flights. The very dummy ones I just tried showed better connections and prices starting with LAX - London and returning Ireland - LAX.

I hope this works:

iowaLacey Jan 4th, 2018 08:06 AM

So I totally understand your question and you were probably told about this great site to get some advice, right? And then you get smart ass answers. Sorry about that. I know they mean well, but it comes off pompous . And when you are new to this site, you don't know what to ask. I get it. It happened to me too.

My response is: Perhaps could you cut out Ireland form your itinerary? Because after my limited research you will have to take another flight to Ireland to UK which will take up all of one of your 14 days and cost extra $$. ALSO don't forget that when you leave the US, you will arrive the next day in either Ireland or UK. So that is another of your 14 days already taken up. There will be SO MUCH to see in London, UK and Scotland on their own.

But if you MUST see Ireland on this trip because it is going to cost you thousands of dollars for this vacation, I would also land in Shannon or Cork. Then take your travels and end in Dublin where you can take a flight to Heathrow. Travel through Ireland on your own and rent a car or take the train. Check out which train goes where before you book your flight so you can make the decision of which airport would be best to land in.
Personally I would see The Cliffs of Mohar, Blarney Castle in Cork, Waterford, Kilkenny and then Dublin. But I heard Galway is awesome. But that is out of the way unless you had more time.

London: Book the Warner Bros. Harry Potter tour!, Of course see all of the main sites that are a must, go to Bath and Stonehenge too! I say take the Underground Subway for majority of the London trip. It will be more cost effective.

Scotland I cannot comment on as I have never been.

There is also the option of booking a tour that takes you to all of these places in one trip. Their own itinerary already set up. You just pay and go! Search the web for credible tour companies, however. I read, read, and read the comments/reviews before I do anything! It has been so helpful and saved me $$ and time!

All of your destinations sound wonderful, I just fear that you are going to be sorry you rushed yourselves through. My vote is to downsize your ambitions to TWO MUST SEE COUNTRIES and then book your trip!

Good luck and have fun!

janisj Jan 4th, 2018 09:55 AM

>>And then you get smart ass answers. Sorry about that. I know they mean well, but it comes off pompous .<<

Maybe (just maybe) the answers were not 'smart ass' since those of us who responded really do want to help but the OP gave us absotively nothing to work with. You don't even know if they have 14 days on the ground or if the entire trip is 14 days. But you may be a mind reader . . . carry on.

>>It happened to me too. <<


You asked a question asking for the 'hard facts', got over 100 responses, and now we are unhelpful.

xcountry Jan 4th, 2018 10:04 AM

As for transportation you may want to rent a car if you will be outside major cities. Otherwise probably not.

If you do rent pay attention to the size of the car you are reserving (though the car can be switched at the rental counter). I have found some compacts in Ireland/Scotland to be large enough for four. Some supposedly larger cars will be tight for four.

BigRuss Jan 4th, 2018 01:20 PM

<< I say take the Underground Subway for majority of the London trip.>>

Hoo boy.

The Underground is the local train service in London which is often not even underground. A "Subway" in London is either a manifestation of an infernal American sandwich shop that has exported its franchising business to the UK, or a maze of subterranean pedestrian pathways that cross under a main intersection (like Piccadilly Circus) so you don't have to wait at a light.

Terminology matters.

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