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John R. May 14th, 2001 12:25 PM

London in June
We will be in London on June 20. First trip to Europe. We want to see as much as possible in seven days. What is the best way to get around.? What is the weather like in late June? Can we make a day trip to Edinburgh or is that too far? Any suggestions on things that are "must See" locations. I want to wander through the side streets to experience the things I have grown up reading. Any suggestions. Thank you. <BR>JR

elvira May 14th, 2001 01:35 PM

Seven days in London - don't take the time to go to Edinburgh. You won't do either city justice. <BR> <BR>Use the bus and underground; both are efficient, and cheaper if you buy passes or carnets. Walking is also a good alternative; have reeeeaaaallly good walking shoes. <BR> <BR>The weather in late June could be hot or cool, but always plan for rain. <BR> <BR>There are the OriginalLondonWalks that specialize in unusual walks, guided, around London; you can devise your own walks based on your interests by getting a good map and street index and marking your points of interest (then connect-the-dots); you can follow the walks suggested by <BR>; you can get a variety of guidebooks of walks around London, and the unusual/curious stuff of London. <BR> <BR>Best advice is to break up the city into areas, and sightsee one at a time; in other words, don't keep crisscrossing the city; stay in one area, visit everything you want, then move to the next area (one area could take you a whole day). Take outdoor breaks, like wander through St James' Park or hire a paddleboat in Hyde Park (there are also horses for rent).

lisa May 14th, 2001 01:47 PM

Edinburgh is an expensive 4 hour train ride each way. I think you could do it in 2 days, but having been to both cities more than once, I would stick with London. There is so much to see in 7 days. I recommend a side trip to Windsor.

Ursula May 14th, 2001 01:50 PM

John: For general infos go to <BR> <BR> <BR>Yes, take very good walking shoes. Public busses are great fun and you will see a lot. <BR>Go to Hampstead in the North. It is like a small village itself. Go to Kew Gardens. Beautiful. Don't miss the Food Halls of Harrod's in Knightsbridge. <BR>British Museum is a must and Tate Modern as well, if interested in modern art. Try to get tickets for a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. <BR>Have a nice trip.

Diane May 15th, 2001 08:36 AM

John---we were in London in late June two years ago and the weather was beautiful, though we were prepared for rain. We used the tube mostly, taxis occasionally, but they are expensive. Most of the Londoners we saw on the tube were wearing black for good reason---I think there is a lot of soot floating around. <BR> <BR>I second Elvira's suggestion regarding the London Walks--- I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones I've been on. Particularly the Jack the Ripper one---it was my husband's idea and I went along, but the tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and we saw a part of London we wouldn't have other wise seen. These don't require any advance reservations. <BR> <BR>I wouldn't have missed Shakespeare's globe for anything---advance ticket purchase recommended.

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