London in a day

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London in a day

I only get one day in London, in May (my first time) - what can't I miss? My husband knows he wants to go to Buckingham Palace and I think I want to go to Westminster Abbey.
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I have been to London 3 times and will return again
in May. If I had only one day: St. Pauls;
Westminster Abbey (do a small brass rubbing there);
then one hour at Covent Garden Market; dinner at
Bhatti's on Great Queen Street and theatre in the
evening. Or skip Covent Garden market and visit
the Soane (not Sloane) museum.

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Nancy Farestveit
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You may be able to do both as Buckingham Palace is only visible from the outside (tours of the inside are only during the summer).
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Dudley Clapp
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I have even less time in London. Flying in to Heathrow @4pm Friday; leaving Gatwick @ noon. Where should I stay? Are there any evening city tours or other recommendations to best use of VERY short time?
Old Apr 13th, 1997, 07:40 PM
Jim Blaul
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I do not know when you are going to London in
May but the Chelsea Flower Show is between May 20
and 23rd. If you want to go to this, order your
tickets now because you can not get this at the
gate. There are different ticket options such
as a all day ticket and a ticket good from 3:30PM
til 8:00PM. The number for ticketron in London
is 0 1144 171 834 0225 and you can order with a
credit card. They can probably get this
to your hour in 1-2 weeks. By the way, it is
more difficult to get a room during this time
so make reservations early!
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London is a great city to walk around in and the weather should be good at that time of the year.

You need a street map and can easily plot out a walk to hit a lot of sights if only in passing. There are a lot of walking tours that you can get from the tourist offices in London and the ones in the Fodor's guides are good - just go to the local library with a roll of dimes and copy the ones you like.

I think the following is doable. Go to Westminster Abbey, walk past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, go down Whitehall (you can see the horse guards - maybe even the changing of the horseguards) and 10 Downing Street . You will get to Trafalgar Square for some people watching and the British Museum this way, I believe. I would suggest taking at least an hour in the British Museum - take in things like the Elgin Marbles from Greece, the Rosetta Stones, the Kiss by Rodin, and some ancient city gates - either Byzantine or Assyrian.

The Strand is off one side of Trafalgar Square. A stroll through St James park will take you to Buckingham Palace.

Personnaly I think a half day at the Tower of London is worth it and just a quick walk around as noted above. You can probably see a changing of the guards at the tower and the crown jewels and an armour museum also.

Top the day off with a night cruise on the Thames. Or try to get theater tickets.

I wouldn't waste my time sitting in restaurants if I only had one day. London isn't a culinary center and there are so many wonderful things to see - you really need at least a week to scratch the surface. I'm headed back for my 4th visit this fall with my niece this time as a graduation present. Cheerio, old chap.

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As everyone has said, London is a fabulous city to visit - too bad you only have one day. My choices for not-to-miss sites would be St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London. You could probable do both in a day. If you like to shop, walk around Soho, down Regent Street or along Oxford or Bond Streets. Have a good time!
Old May 7th, 1997, 02:17 PM
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I wanted to thank everyone who replied. I feel I have some really good advice. It is getting close now - I leave Tuesday (Thursday in London and can hardly WAIT!!!!!). Any last minute suggestions?
Old May 7th, 1997, 07:08 PM
Jim Blaul
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I suggest a bus tour, and an early evening boat ride. I believe
that there is a 8:30 evening boat leaving at Charing Cross Pier,
for a 45 minute cruise although you may want to verify this. I
also heard there are walking tours but since I have never been
there I can not verify this. I will leave in two weeks for a one
day stay in London, so we are both novices. Recommend in additon
to Fodors' books, Eyewitness Travel Guides. They have a book on London
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My mother is taking my 14 year old daughter for a 4 day trip to London the end of June, and the advice posted has been very helpful. Any additional suggestions for shopping, theatre, sightseeing and suggested hotels (their currently planning to stay at the Strand) would be most appreciated.
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I appreciate all the info posted at this site. Our son will be rowing at the Henley Regatta in July. We plan to spend five days in that area. We will have a car for those five days and would appreciate info on daytrips that might be of interest. We also plan to spend a day or two in London. From the comments posted here, it should be at least two days. What are our chances of getting theater tix? Can they be purchased in advance in the states? We'd be grateful for any info on the chunnel to Paris ... we hope to spend a few days there. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.
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All sorts of questions to be answered here.
Short stays in London - Start early morning at Parliament Square, Westminster with an open bus tour, about an hour and a half. Return to Westminster and walk round Westminster Abbey and look at Parliament. Then walk Whitehall to Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. Go to Leicester Sqaure where there is a cheap theatre ticket booth. Afternoon walk Oxford Street to Marble Arch and Hyde Park.

Wear strong shoes! Good Luck from a local.
Old May 16th, 1997, 03:59 AM
Lanny Morry
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For those with several days in London who are gardening enthusiasts, the following suggestion is also not to be missed. Go to the boat tour site at Westminster Bridge and arrange a boat trip to Kew Gardens and return. The approximately half hour boat trip down the Thames is NOT expensive and is incredibly scenic, giving you a view of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster etc. that cannot be obtained any other way. The boat drops you at a quay a three or four minute walk from the gates of Kew, one of the greatest garden sites in England. You can spend the whole day there just taking in the different types of gardens, greenhouses etc. Full food and other services are available on site. Then boat back to Westminster. I guarantee you, this is a day trip worth remembering! For those who are interested, boat trips up the Thames also go to other sites, including Hampton Court Palace -- another lovely idea on a warm summer day in England. Do not forget your camera on these trips!
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For the people who are going to Henley. One morning, you should take a short early drive into Marlowe (also on the Thames) and have a real English Breakfast at the Compleat (yes, it is spelt like that) Angler Hotel. An easy day trip from Henley is Oxford and also into the Cotswolds to see real olde English villages such as Stowe on the Wold. My favourite is Great Tew because the best, in my opinion, pub in England is there. It is the Falkland Arms - about 500 years old and lovely home made, very cheap food. Do try it if you can.
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Will be travelling in London this
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i am going for my honeymoon soon in sept.. what is a reasonable time-frame to
visit all the must-sees in London ???? i'll be in Europe for about 8-9 days
& thus would like to see other parts of England also..
any recommendations ? & anyone heard of Royal
National Hotel & Bayswater Inn hotel ???? thanks !!

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Dear Harry, Thank you for your prompt response to our request for info on Henley daytrips. As you suggested, we intend to have a proper English breakfast at the Compleat and will also try to visit your favorite pub, the Falkland Arms, where we will raise a toast to your health. Many thanks, Roth To Lanny, Your suggestion for the boat trip to Kew Gardens sounds lovely. I have filed that information away for our next trip. Sincerely, R
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Alan McPhee
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Saw your message about a cruise on the Thames at night. Are there any companies that do dinner cruises?

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Has anyone stayed in the posh section of London at 16 Sumner Place or 5 Sumner Place?
Would love to hear if its worth the $$. Thanks!
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There is a very good 'London' Web site. Do have a look at

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