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janisj Apr 5th, 2019 05:25 PM

Several good suggestions above. I personally do a day trip to Highclere or Cambridge with so little time in London. But either could be doable.

Some others:

•. Highgate East Cemetery up to Kenwood, down to Parliament Hill and lunch in Hampstead and visiting 2 Willow Road would be a lovely day -- about a 90 min to 2 hour walk plus touring time at Kenwood and 2 Willow Road. I wouldn't continue all the way down into central London - there is too much to see/do just in Hampstead.

Willow Rd is quirky - they don't prebook so what I would do is walk there from Parliament Hill sign up for a tours an hour or so later, go to lunch, then return to the tour. Tours are at 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm -- or you can you can explore on your own after 3pm. They allow 10 or 12 people in every 20 mins so there is often a wait in the afternoon.

• Eltham Palace! Fabulous place with a lovely garden too. You can get there by train from central London and a 10 minute walk

• The Painted Hall at Greenwich has re-opened making a half day in Greenwich a good option.

rialtogrl Apr 5th, 2019 11:24 PM

Unfortunately, the Courtauld Gallery mentioned above is closed for renovations.

A small museum I really enjoyed is the Handel and Hendrix museum -

The Dior exhibit at the V & A is indeed sold out but I went there last week to ask about buying a ticket onsite. They told me they release some timed tickets for the same day at 10am, but the queue starts forming at about 8:30. They also release some tickets on the website on the 15th of every month. Not sure it will work for you (or even if you are interested!)

I agree with the Shoreditch recommendation especially if you like street art, and it is not far from Spitalfields in the case you want to explore that market.

KayF Apr 5th, 2019 11:43 PM

A day trip to Brighton by train would be good, especially if you are keen to see the Royal Pavilion. It is amazing inside. I was going to suggest the Wallace Collection too, it's a small museum that is more manageable than something like the British Museum which can be overwhelming.

Greenwich by boat to see the Thames Barrier, get the DLR back. Kew Gardens?


Tulips Apr 5th, 2019 11:46 PM

The Painted Hall in Greenwich is gorgeous, and that alone would be worth the trip - alongside the other sites there and the boat to/from Greenwich.

fourfortravel Apr 6th, 2019 09:04 AM

And…just like that the plan has changed again. DH has decided to come along, too.

Thank you to all those who offered ideas; I have been poring over them. Of course there are too many to fit into our days allotted; I just want to have a list at the ready.

The Museum of Water and Steam has been higher-prioritized. (DH is the engineer. I am a biochemist and but an engineer-by-marriage).

Dover Castle intrigues both of us, so it’s in. We are morning persons, so catching an early train is not an issue.

Will consider the V&A annual pass for myself to see Dior; DH is passing on V&A altogether.

Highclere Castle is out. Not enough time on this holiday. And, Ceremony of the Keys is entirely sold out over our stay, darn.

Ely and Eltham Palace both sound delightful! They are now on the list. Ditto for The Wallace Collection.

Cambridge sounds worthy of a day trip, too. Kew Gardens, also.

Regent’s Canal walking is on the list. So is Hampstead Village. Hiking and Wandering is what we do so very much of in Austria.

How to prioritize the markets? We have visited Borough. Columbia mightbe fun if I could bring home a lovely bouquet. Mostly I like to photograph beautiful scenes and purchase unique food items at markets when I am outside of Vienna. Antiques don’t appeal to me, but great people-watching/scenery does.

One more question (for now). We have recently returned from a trip to Pakistan wherein our taste buds were overwhelmed with delicious food. If you could enjoy one Indian/Pakistani meal in London, where would you dine? Either lunch or dinner works, and the budget is entirely flexible when it comes to delicious food.

With much appreciation, Four.

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