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Sarah Oct 16th, 2002 09:12 AM

London and Paris - Would you pick March or April to go?
Just looking for opinions here... We have two weeks we have set aside for our trip next year - one week in London and one in Paris. I have been to both several times previously in summer and fall - he has been to London just once in fall. With our work schedules, our options would be either the last two weeks in March or the last two weeks in April. If you had to choose, which month would you choose?

Janie Oct 16th, 2002 09:35 AM

Hi Sarah.<BR>Its cold at both times however, it will be out of the extreme cold in April. March is usually alot more wet also. The rainy season seems to be Jan-Mar. Of course, you can't rely on it. I would definitely choose April. Some tourist attractions close earlier in the winter months. I think April is when the opening times are longer.<BR>If you need more info feel free to write to my personal address.<BR>Regards, Janie in London.

Christina Oct 16th, 2002 10:42 AM

probably April just because the weather will be warmer, on average, and it be light later on. However, that will be during Easter holiday period when Paris gets very crowded. I don't suppose it can be worse than summer tourist season, and I've been there for that, so I guess I'd just make sure to have reservations well in advance if you choose April. It's all unpredictable regarding the weather, though -- you could pick April and it might rain almost all the time whereas March was not so bad that year, who knows. If you want to go to Giverny, that isn't open until March 30th or so.

Larry Oct 16th, 2002 11:07 AM

Been to both in both March and April. Weather likely will be nicer in April unless there is lots of rain, but overall April would be better. However, you will also find that airfares will be higher in April and the cities more crowded. March is not that bad, and if you are coming from one of the colder parts of the States it will probably be better than the weather at home.<BR><BR>I would probably decide based on total costs more than just the weather, since it is so unpredictable anyway. At least you can lock in the costs and control them, unlike the weather.

Ira Oct 16th, 2002 11:09 AM

Hi Sarah,<BR><BR>I was there last April. This would be the best time for you. The chestnuts are blossoming, the flowers are out and it is still pleasantly cool.<BR><BR>"April in Paris/Chestnuts in blossom...."

elaine Oct 16th, 2002 11:09 AM

you can look at historical weather information for those months at websites like, but of course that doesn't give you an assurance for this year.<BR><BR>I can tell you that I've been in Paris once in very late May and still had constant rain and daytime temps in only the 50sF, so you should check the forecasts as best you can before you go, but since you will be on a long trip take sweaters, raincoats, and umbrellas regardless.

b Oct 16th, 2002 12:34 PM

Sarah,<BR><BR>I second Larry's statement that you probably want to factor in the costs. A lot of fare sales that I see end on March 31 (meaning travel must be completed, not just started, by that date). Sadly, Christina is correct about Giverny not being open in March. It is beautiful there.<BR><BR>Good luck and congratulations.

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