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aussiedreamer Jul 24th, 2012 09:11 PM

London 4nights (just) Paris 1 (theres a reason) Munich 2, Austria 5 Xmas.
So here we go again......... ;-)

We decided to take the kids (24 & 25) & their partners to Europe for Christmas. A few months ago we secured a great deal through an Australian website for 5 nights in Zillertal (near Mayrhofen) Austria. so with this booked we started planning. Dh & I wanted to use points for our flights, so were very flexible where we flew into. The 'kids' were a little more selective due to work commitments. Dh & I managed to get great flights into London and out of Amsterdam. I know it sounds a bit 'round about' but we've travelled to Europe several times and have the time to do this.

So with the flights now all booked we are really getting stuck into the planning. We are all flying into London, the kids will have 6 days before meeting us in Munich for the drive to the resort. Dh & I will have 4 nights just, we arrive 7am, so will book the hotel from the previous night, we've arrived at this time previously and waiting for a room is horrid.

We were both really keen to spend a few days in London, we love it. And it will be nice to see it at Christmas time. (we have been in the winter before, so we do know how dark and cold it will be ;-) ) I'm going to bid on for a room, I'm thinking near St Pancras as we are going to catch the train to Munich, just for something a bit different and it’s so much nicer than flying. We've decided to stop off in Paris for one night, purely to have a look at this beautiful city in all its Christmas glory. Again, we have been to Paris a few times, so really it will be a walk and dinner somewhere nice.

Can anyone suggest a reasonable 3* hotel near Gare du Nord (arrival) & Gare de l'Est (departure), it seems they are very close which is convenient? The Holiday Inn looks good for $138aud and close. And any special place to take a winters evening walk to see Paris at its Christmas best?

We will then take the train to Munich and have two nights to explore the Christmas Markets and meet up with the kids and head to Zillertal for Christmas. Then it’s off to Madrid for dh & I for a 2.5 week driving adventure.

AisleSeat Jul 29th, 2012 06:22 PM

Look at to see what others are getting as far as prices and locations on Priceline. We have always thought London is one place that Pricelinevreally works. Look at Paris to see if the words "reasonable" anf "Gare du Nord" go together. where are you planning to stay in Munich? There are tons of choices near the train station that is within walking distance of Marienplatz where they have the big Christmas market. Just a block or two from the Krippen Markt (creche figures), the medieval market, and the Viktualien Markt (a foods, meats, produce market).

aussiedreamer Jul 30th, 2012 02:48 AM

Thanks aisleseat, we have used priceline several time in London and have mostly been really pleased. We think we will stay in the Kings Hotel near the station in Munich, looks fine and gets great reviews.

Dukey1 Jul 30th, 2012 04:34 AM

Since you only have 2 nights in Munich, would you consider a budget flight between London (Gatwick) and Munich on EasyJet?

aussiedreamer Jul 30th, 2012 01:28 PM

Hi Dukey1, I did consider, but we love the trains and so much easier than making our way to and from airports. Plus this way I sneak in one night in Paris ;-)

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