Lodgis Paris Apartment


Aug 6th, 2008, 04:02 AM
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Lodgis Paris Apartment

I would like to warn people about renting an apartment in Paris through Lodgis.

I have recently been looking at a short term lease of an apartment in Paris through a number of agencies.
After finding a suitable "available" apartment through Lodgis.com I filled in the paperwork and waited for further instructions. Having thought I had secured the apartment I also cancelled my interest in other apartments I had been looking at through other agencies. I then received an email (about 5 days later) stating that the previously available apartment that I had agreed upon was now not available.
Lodgis then offered other apartments that were available - upon which I selected another apartment. After the first “available” apartment was infact not available I then decided to once again look at other apartments with other agencies. After another day or so Lodgis replied that the apartments that I has chosen was available. Again I filled out the paperwork but continued looking at other apartments, as I did not trust Lodgis that this "available" apartment would infact be available.

After not hearing back from Lodgis for a couple of days I then agreed a rental with another company for another apartment - which by the way was very easy and very smooth and fully completed in under 2 days.

As it happened Lodgis then confirmed that the apartment was available (really available) and that I must pay the agent fee with 24 hours to secure this apartment. Now that I did not want to secure this apartment I let the 24 hours elapse thinking that would cancel my interest in the apartment.
After about 3 more days I then got another email requesting payment of the agent's fee with 24 hours to secure this apartment. Again I let this lapse.
I then got a phone call from Lodgis requesting that I pay the agent's fee - to which I explained that I no longer wanted the apartment.
I then got an email again demanding payment of the agent's fee with 24 hours regardless of whether or not I was taking the apartment. I explained once again what had happened and after not hearing anything for about 10 days thought the situation was closed.
Today I have received an email threatening court action unless I pay the 275euro agent fee. As I have explained the situation several times already I have decided to ignore this email.

Before today I would not have recommended Lodgis due to the difficultly in securing an apartment.
Now I would strongly recommend avoiding Lodgis altogether. Any company that threatens legal action of a customer over a matter born from their own incompetence is to be avoided.
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