Lodgis.com for long-term rentals?


Mar 8th, 2008, 05:11 PM
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Lodgis.com for long-term rentals?

I'm looking to rent an apartment in Paris for at least 6 months (possibly a year) and have found several interesting postings on Lodgis.com - has anyone used this site before? Any bad experiences?

Since it's an agency I'm aware that they charge a fee for each booking, but I don't mind paying if the apartment is otherwise a good deal...
Any other suggestions are appreciated! I've looked at a few vacation rental sites but their rates for monthly rentals are pretty steep, they don't really cater to long-term renters...
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Aug 6th, 2008, 04:16 AM
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I just posted a message about Lodgis today when I noticed your posting.

You can read it under Lodgis Paris Apartment.
In short I was messed around by Lodgis - signing up for an available apartment to then be told it was now unavailable. I then did this again with another Lodgis apartment whilst at the same time going through other agencies for other apartments. I then decided to then go with another apartment with another agency.
Lodgis have a system where by if you don't pay their fee within 24 hours then you may loose the apartment - so I didn't pay their fee, happy to loose the apartment as i didn't need it anymore.
After several emails to pay the fee within 24 hours I then received a phone call asking me to pay the agency fee. I explained that I didn't want the apartment which is why i let the 24 hours pass (a number of times). Since this phone call I have received three emails demanding payment of the 250 euro agency fee. Each one gets more agressive and the last 2 emails are threatening legal action unless i pay the 250 euro.
I am quite disgusted by these bullying tactics in trying to make me pay this fee. It is unneccessary and has the potential to sour our holiday.
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