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Genie Oct 31st, 2000 05:21 AM

Lodging in Bavaria and Salzburg
Will be traveling to Bavaria and salzburg in mid November. Need suggestions about lodging with character. Also sights worth seeing. Will be taking a 15 year old who is interested in history and Mozart. <BR> <BR>Thank you

Bob Brown Oct 31st, 2000 06:48 AM

I rate the Gasthotel Zur goldenen Ente (at the Golden Duck) in Salzburg as acceptable. It has character, that is for sure. A decided plus is the big breakfast spread that is included in the room price. Food at the restaurant was reasonable in price and good in quality and preparation. In fact, some of it was excellent. <BR>The hotel is on Goldgasse right in the heart of the old town. Mozart's statue is close to the hotel. Great location for seeing the old town. <BR>Right at first, the twisting streets of the old city seem like you could easily become lost. But not really. The river is a fixed boundary on one side and the mountain side fences you in on the other. Besides the area is small enough that you soon learn the lay of the land and pick up some definite features to let you know where you are. <BR>At the hotel, Robert Dürnle, the man in charge, speaks ok English. I felt he was very effective at his job, and he works very hard -- long hours in peak season. <BR>I advise against the Gray Line Sound of Music tour. For me, I felt it was a ripoff. I have stated my feelings in more detail earlier. I think your tourist dollar can be spent more effectively. I do suggest a tour of the castle/fortress on the hill. And for me a guided tour of the Festspielhaus, where the Salzburg Music Festival is held, was interesting. We were taken back stage in all 3 theaters so we could see the inner workings of the place. <BR>Our guide was a whiz at switching from German to English. As it turned out, the native German speakers in the group also understood the English!! She could have conducted the whole tour in English!!

Kim Oct 31st, 2000 07:09 AM

We were in Salzburg earlier this month and stayed at Pension Bergland. It is up the Linzergasse, about a 15 minute walk to the river. Great place, especially if you have a car because they have parking. Obviously, go to the Mozart Geburthaus (birthplace) and the Mozart Wonhaus (residence). Both extremely interesting. The Geburthaus also has an apartment (family who owned it was friends of the Mozarts) which shows how families at that time lived (kitchen, plumbing facilities-- lack of, etc). Both places had original works of art from Mozart's house, his many pianos and violins since childhood, original scores, his father's books (he was a violin virtuoso who gave up his career for his children). The Wonhaus had a very interesting movie at the end of the tour which detailed Mozart's life. We wished we had time to take in a Mozart concert (they say one of the best places to take in a concert is at the Mirabell Palace). It's interesting to see how Salzburg cherishes Mozart now (you see Mozart everywhere), but when he was living, he was not appreciated at all. <BR> <BR>As for Bavaria, what do you plan on seeing? The castles near Fussen? Munich? For the castles, we stayed in Reutte, Austria; just across the German border, a 10-15 minute drive from Neuschwanstein. We stayed at the Hotel Moserhof in Reutte, we had a view of the mountains (wrap around balcony), a great room, and the hotel has a great restaurant which serves traditional tyrolean cuisine. In Bavaria, obviously see the Neuschwanstein castle, but also see the Howenschangau castle-- this was King Ludwig's boyhood home and is more lived in (Neuschwanstein was never completed). There is another King Ludwig castle we did not see-- the Linderhof, which may or may not be worth seeing. If your 15 year-old is interested in WWII history, obviously there is Dachau just north of Munich. Hitler's Eagle's Nest will be closed at the end of October, but there are bunkers, Hitler's old compound, and a few other sites near Obersalzburg. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me. Have a good trip! <BR> <BR>Kim

kk Oct 31st, 2000 08:42 AM

2-3 years ago I booked a triple room at the Hotel Wolf, which has character, is two blocks from the cathedral and Mozart Platz, and was built some 300 years before Mozart was born, but it is cozy and modern inside, while still in keeping with Austrian character. It has about 30 rooms and a great breakfast room. <BR>They list a double room for 117 Euros, which almost equates to dollars, so you could get a triple for under $130, I think. It is a lovely place and I highly recommend it. The location is perfect. <BR>Do not confuse this with the other Hotel Wolf Dietrich Altstadt across the river. It is much more expensive and I don't think the location is as good. <BR>I think your 15 year old who loves history and Mozart will love this hotel, too! <BR>

beth Oct 31st, 2000 09:00 AM

2 choices for Salzburg: <BR>Hotel Elefant - right off the Geteidegasse - the historic center - moderate property w/charm - great. <BR> <BR>Hotel Goldener Hirsch - right on the Geteidegasse - deluxe, beautiful - the best.

Byrd Oct 31st, 2000 10:19 AM

Hi Genie- <BR>Last week we stayed at Hotel Bristol in Salzburg and loved it. It is located on Markartplatz, just across from the Mozart-Wohnhaus. The Mirabelle gardens are just behind the hotel. We took the Sound of Music tour (on the recommendation of lots of Fodorites) and really enjoyed it. Some of it was a little silly, but for the most part we enjoyed the beautiful scenery outside of town which we wouldn't have seen otherwise. We all fell in love with Salzburg!

Rex Oct 31st, 2000 10:53 AM

Totally second the Goldenen ente - - almost hate to tell you about it - - but that is the spirit of this board. <BR> <BR>Bob Brown's description is right on target - - the breakfast is the only cook-it-yourself bacon'n'eggs bonanza I have ever encountered in Europe - - or anywhere else for that matter. <BR> <BR>I also recommend Landshut as a Bavarian place that is neat; the Lindner (closest "in" place that I have stayed) may be a little bit too modern to qualify as having "character - - but it is such a bargain compared to similar hotels IN Munich. And it (Landshut) is no further from Munich airport than downtown Munich. <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex

Art Oct 31st, 2000 11:52 AM

Hi Genie, definitely visit Ludwigs 2nd castle Linderhof. It is very different, more of a chateau but quite spectacular in its own right. There is also a third Ludwig building (he had a building fetish) on Chemsee (a lake between Munchen and Salzberg). It is called HerrnChemsee and is located on an island in the middle of the lake. It is moddold after Verseis. Other areas to see are Garmish and Oberamergau, two charming bavarian villages. Lots of carvings to look at/buy in Oberammergau. <BR>You can also take a ride to the Zugspitche(sp), the higest alp in Germany. Beautiful view from there.

Bob Brown Oct 31st, 2000 01:15 PM

I hate to tell folks this, but Dürnle told me that a fellow named Steves had been by his place. If that is the case, then I fear demand will inflate the prices. <BR>I did not eat the eggs there because I was too busy feasting on bread, jam, cereal, fruit, and everything I cannot find at home!! <BR>

Genie Nov 1st, 2000 09:13 AM

Thank you all so much for your help! I appreciate it. <BR> <BR>Genie

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