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We need to get from our hotel on LIDO to the train station to catch a 7:30am train.... we were wondering if we should plan on waiting on LINE to catch a water taxi to the train station????Do you also know how long of a water taxi it is from Lido, to St. Marks Square???
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Perhaps your hotel can arrange transportation. It was sort of strange but our hotel did have a rep at the train station but maybe due to it being very late they had no private boat to take us there so we took the water taxi and he told us which one to take. Amazing, how those pickpockets work so be careful if you do go this route! Before I knew it my bag was unlatched and untied but he got nothing-I guess my instincts told me to check it in time. Anyway, upon our return, lo and behold the hotel provided a boat, but for a price (which of course the price quoted changed when time to pay). We stayed at the Europa-Regina so had to stop at the Danielli and pick up passengers but got to airport in time. I suggest checking with your concierge when you get there and if it doesn't look hopeful-hire a private water taxi if you can afford it. All this outweighs the fun you will have in one of the neatest cities of the world!
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Rod Hoots
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Be aware that scheduled boat service from Lido to the airport is a special line and does not go to the train station. Generally speaking, you have two choices: first, a private water "Taxi" which you hire yourself and takes you directly from the dock nearest your hotel to the station. They are very expensive (minimum fare about $43) but the way to go if you have the dough. Your hotel concierge can arrange a taxi but be sure the price is set in advance. Second way is the public boat system (ACTV) which I recommend. Check the schedule with your concierge or at the main ferry station on Lido. We recently used ACTV from Lido to the train station to catch the 7.45 AM to Florence.
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Many, many years, I seem to rember that I drove to the Lido by going around the north side of Venice & then taking a boat from there into Venice. Do you if that is possible?
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Be sure you know that there are alternatives to the very expensive "water taxis." The public transport from the airport (Cooperativa) cost us $15 ea. and a water taxi, which is what many people mistakenly take, ran about $85. It stops at San Marco, not at individual hotels. You can take the vaporetto (water "bus" system) from there. We travelled the canals several times (sometimes for transportation, sometimes for sightseeing) on a 24 hr. pass. Passes can be purchased at the ticket booths at the stops. Schedules are posted, and you can take a vaporetto back to the train station very easily. They run quite early -- I think we took ours from the Accademia stop to the station at 6:15. If you can carry your own luggage (which is a must!) the vaporettos are the way to go. Take a walk from the Lido to the station -- it's very close and taking a few minutes to check out the system could save you time and stress when you need to catch your train. You can get anywhere on the Grand Canal in 20 -30 min. or so. Some boats make only "express" stops, others criss-cross the Canal to stop at each one. Take them and enjoy the ride. We LOVED Venice! We were there a month ago and I want to go back.

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