legally buying miles for upgrade?

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legally buying miles for upgrade?

Where can I legally buy miles for traveling to europe on business class? I guess buying the miles for an upgrade I mean. What airlines sell them? and is there a limit as to how many miles one is allowed to buy?
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Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner Sandra (in your private e-mail to me on this same subject) - - I am still searching for the information, and I haven't forgotten you - - I believe that Delta does and maybe others. Yes, there are limits per year. there may be ways around these limits, especially if you have a company of your own, for example. (A company can buy miles and give them away for promotional purposes - - again there are limits per year). More to follow.

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Sandra, I would also try posting on, if you do be more specfic from where-to-where and when, rta'ers can be a tough audience to work sometimes. I *think* you might have to have a "Full Fare" ticket to upgrade though. HTH Regards, Walter
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One can buy miles at United airlines to up grade. I do not know the requirements.
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Okay, here's the answer. You can buy points outright on the American Express Membership Rewards program. This is totally legal - - doesn't even bend any rules of any program.

These points are transferred one-for-one into any of twelve participating frequent flyer programs. You must first join Membership Rewards. You can only buy points at the time you are making a transfer of points into miles of a specific frequent flyer program. It is amazingly easy to accumulate points on Membership Rewards; they have a ton of affiliate programs. There is a maximum transfer of 20,000 points per month (not per year - - this is not a typo, it really is per month), and they cost $25 per 1000 points - - not restrictive enough to really cramp your plans if you plan ahead. You have 1,000 points, and you want to transfer 20,000 to an airline program? you buy 19,000 points for $475. You do it again next month. Bingo, there's one business class upgrade for $950 - - plus the "cost" of accumulating the 2,000 points in the first place (for example, $40 annual fee with American Express).

It is not true that only "full fare" seats can be upgraded (at least on the airlines I know best). However, the "upgradable" seats DO cost more than the lowest price seats (no surprise there).

But you can still get upgradable seats for many transatlantic routes at under $1000 - - add in the $1000 for "buying" your way into an upgrade - - and it's a whole lot better than the average SIX thousand for a round trip business class seat.

Best wishes,

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On United they have one category of points for upgrades with full fare, and another with 'select' economy fares. Of course, you need fewer points if you pay full fare. They are more lenient if you're a Premier flyer.

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