Oct 12th, 1999, 07:42 PM
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Leaving for CH on saturday and still looking to make the perfect romantic vacation with my wife. Can anyone give an opinion about staying in Acona or Bellinzona. Seems that most opinions lean towards Lugano. I have four days after a week long business trip and am looking for something off the beaten path. Not opposed to Italy or even going to the Jungfrau.
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Oct 13th, 1999, 09:13 AM
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Scott, First choice is Lugano, second
choice is Wengen, third choice is Zermatt---cannot go wrong. Have fun !
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Oct 13th, 1999, 03:50 PM
Ken Horn
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Scott- if you want something smaller,try
Stresa/Bellagio/Varena (not Verona)-
Lugano is fairly large. Try the yellow hotel at the boat dock in Varena- Bellagio is a short ferry ride across the lake from it. Have a good time-
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Oct 14th, 1999, 02:03 AM
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please consider the following thoughts:

1) Since the weather in mid-October can be cold and rainy, you should take the climate of your destinations into account. The Ticino ( with Bellinzona, Ascona, and Lugano ) is certainly the warmest part of Switzerland. The least rainy part, however, is the Valais, where Zermatt is. Finally, the Bernese Oberland ( Wengen ) is very beautiful, but it is generally colder than the Ticino and gets more rain than the Valais. These are of course statistical averages, the actual weather can be different.

2) Zermatt, Wengen, and other mountain resorts are ideal for outdoor activities, but there is not much to do if the weather is bad.

3) Regarding Bellinzona, Ascona, and Lugano: Bellinzona is the capital of the Ticino, but smaller than Lugano. It is not at the lakeside, though. Lugano is by far the largest city in the Ticino. It is an interesting place and certainly worth a visit, but it is neither small nor romantic. Ascona, finally, is a rather small village close to Locarno. It has no railway station, but a good bus connection with Locarno. It is touristy, but will not be crowded in November.

4) If you want something off the beaten path, take the Centovalli railway ( which connects Locarno and Domodossola, Italy ) and get off at some of the smaller villages ( e.g., Camedo ). Or explore the the Maggia valley, which can be reached from Locarno by bus.

Happy travels !

Regards, Jochen
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