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Barb Feb 26th, 1999 05:21 AM

Leaving car outside Rome?
Our B&B is right in the heart of Rome.Would it be smart to park at airport or train station check our extra luggage and cab it into our B&B?

Phyllis Feb 26th, 1999 06:37 AM

Barb: Looks like we have the same concern (I just posted the question about looking for a hotel on the outskirts of Rome b/c we didn't want to try to drive in), but you may have a good idea about trying to find safe parking somewhere near a train station. <BR>We had no qualms about driving in Paris & London, but don't want to try it in Rome! We haven't been able to find much detailed info on the fringe areas of Rome, whereas there's a plethora of <BR>B&Bs in the heart of Rome, where we'd rather be anyhow. I guess the question becomes: does anyone know where you can leave a car outside Rome? <BR>

Richard Feb 26th, 1999 10:51 AM

Barb, I would park at the airport, take the train to the Termini and a cab from there. An alternative would be to park at the Holiday Inn, take their shuttle to the airport and then the train. Either way, I think you'd be safe to lock excess luggage in the boot. Rome has a great Metro system, if you're traveling light you might want to try it. If you have a rental car, you might contact the rental company for arrangements for parking, after all, you'll still be paying for the car rent.

Denise Feb 26th, 1999 07:40 PM

I agree with Richard. Park at the airport, checking with your rental company first, then train into Rome. Half hour trip costs one way about 30000lire. Then walk in Rome, catch the Metro, or the Stop and Go Bus. <BR>Denise <BR>

Bob Mar 12th, 1999 12:48 PM

Having driven in Rome and had the car broken into twice over two days, I would be careful. I was near the train station - not a good place to leave a car! I personally would pay extra for a place with security.

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