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Eileen Jan 22nd, 2003 03:50 PM

Le or view?
I have decided to choose the Calendal in Arles but wondered if anyone had any comments on the noise level of looking out over the Arena versus the garden. <BR>I would assume they would not serve breakfast in the garden in early May...?<BR><BR>ALso, to get one of the more spacious rooms should I book a triple, or are there large doubles? Thanks.

Betsy Jan 22nd, 2003 06:08 PM

I stayed at the Calendal in July and loved it! My room overlooked the garden and was beautiful. I don't know when you're staying there but though it is in front of the Arena it is by no means a heavy traffic area. There aren't many cars going through and I just don't think there would be too much noise and I'm pretty sensitive to that. Personally, I'd rather be on the garden its beautiful and I was never bothered by noise. I had one of the larger doubles and the bedroom was all bed, but the bathroom was huge and the room had a large terrace with a table and 2 chaise lounges all for 70 Euro a night!This hotel is not charging enough for its ambience, and service. E-mail the staff and they can recommend a good room to meet your needs. Enjoy!

Nancy Jan 23rd, 2003 07:07 AM

Eileen,<BR><BR>We stayed there last May (2nd week) and you could eat your breakfast in the garden patio. We had room 20, overlooking the garden patio and loved it.It was a double bed and bathroom (great shower) and the room was not a tiny room, coming from where we stayed in Avigno, it felt large.<BR><BR>We met some people who had a view of the amphitheater and they said they would prefer the garden.They had one of the larger rooms though.<BR><BR>My sister in law stayed there a couple of years ago, they have 2 children and got a suite facing the ampitheater.

Joe G. Jan 23rd, 2003 08:00 AM

Eileen,<BR><BR>We stayed at Le Calendal in October in Room #4 which has a large terrace overlooking the amphitheater and street area. We loved it! It was recommended by others on this site. We stayed for eight nights. At 75 Euros/night we thought it was a great bargain. Especially since it is a two star rated hotel the room was large and so was the bathroom. Also housekeeeping was spotless. Hotel staff was very helpful and friendly. We really enjoyed sitting on the terrace watching all the activity in the street. Sunsets were very romantic. They also have a power screen that covers the terrace doors and windows (I assume to keep out the noise)- however we never felt the need to close it. This is a vary laid back accomodation. Warm fires in the lobby fireplace and a decent breakfast buffet. We also found it easy to get in and out of town and it provided a great base for exploring Provence. We handled all communications with the hotel via e-mail and everything worked out perfectly. You can't go wrong with Le Calendal!<BR><BR>Joe G.

Giovanna Jan 23rd, 2003 08:12 AM

Joe G. said it all! I was the one who suggested he ask for the same room we had occupied a couple of years ago. We are Roman history enthusiasts, so looking out at the theater and arena was a real treat for us. Noise doesn't bother us, but I really don't remember any noise in that room. We had a picnic on the terrace the day before we left. <BR><BR>I can't imagine anyone not liking this hotel--it is one of our favorites.

jj Jan 23rd, 2003 10:55 AM

We arrived there late afternoon one day and got a very small room on the arena side. I was told that the garden side rooms were larger. I would try the garden side next time. <BR><BR>I really enjoyed the place and the people were nice (Stephanie I think). I would not want to give the impression that this is a fancy place. A Ritz it aint. It does have great local color and is in a great location. If you have a car, the parking lot in the garage down the hill with tiny, tiny parking spaces is an experience!

Lori Jan 23rd, 2003 12:07 PM

My husband and i stayed there lst spring with a room overlooking the garden. The view was nice, but it rained the entire time, so we could not really enjoy it. FYI - there is no elevator (lift) in this hotel, you have to carry your bags up winding staircases. Pack judiciously

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