Laundry in Lauterbrunnen


Feb 28th, 2000, 11:49 AM
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Laundry in Lauterbrunnen

Is there a Laundry in Lauderbrunnen?? Where??Thanks
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Feb 28th, 2000, 01:15 PM
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Unless one has been added, the nearest is in Interlaken.

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Feb 28th, 2000, 01:59 PM
Bob Brown
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You can write the tourist office at the following addresses. CH means Switzerland. the 3822 is like our zip code.

Lauterbrunnen Tourismus CH-3822 Telefon:41 33 856 856 8

You also might try emailing them.
[email protected]

I searched the web site and found some information, but not conclusive.
The Camping Jungfrau says that it has a Waschsalon. This can be translated to mean laundrette. But whether or not it has coin-fed washing machines like we are used to seeing, I don't know.
The Valley Hostel also has a washing machine and a dryer on the "Erdgeschoss" floor. I think we would call it the ground level floor. It has a washer and a dryer. What is not said is whether or not non guests of the hostel can pay to use the equipment.
There is no other mention of a laundry facility.
We stayed there for a week, but I never saw an American style laundramat.
I emailed the tourist bureau with the same question because I will be there again this September and would like to know myself.
The apartment we used had a nice clothesline under the overhand of the sun porch as well as one in the yard.
So we did some hand laundry. Not much mind you!!

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Feb 29th, 2000, 07:39 AM
Bob Brown
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With regards to the question posed by SB about a laundry in Lauterbrunnen, here is a quote from the Lauterbrunnen Tourist Office in response to my inquiry.

Dear Robert

Thank you very much for your e-mail. At the Campground Jungfrau and at the
Valley Hostel is a laundramat. But you can use the laundramat just if you
stay there.
In the meantime we remain


I have not actually visited the facilities. But Lauterbrunnen is small, virtually a one street town, so they should not be hard to find. Many people in the valley speak some English and can help you out. Trudy Pierson, (spelling ??-- Pearson perhaps) who runs Trudy's Bazaar on the east side of the main street, is quite fluent. She is Swiss, but married to an English fellow. Her store has lots of good things.

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Feb 29th, 2000, 10:53 AM
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Are you in Lauterbrunnen now? Or are you just really concerned about whether you will be able to do laundry?

There is a self-service laundromat in Grindelwald, if you have a car. Its right on the main road through town.

Otherwise, if you can't find one in Lauterbrunnen, you may have to send it out to be done. Its pretty expensive. Your hotel should be able to take care of it for you.
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