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Beth May 2nd, 2002 01:39 PM

Last week in Paris..
Just a few words about what we did and enjoyed. <BR>Gospel Concert at the American Church - great fun, what a kick to hear the French audience being coached in the refrain to "When the Saints Go Marching In." First time in my life I felt I had something to contribute to a singalong.<BR>Les Violens de France - 8 violins and 2 cellos doing Vivaldi and others in St. Chappelle - the Ave Maria brought tears to my eyes.<BR>Gallerie Lafayette "free" fashion show - a quick fun 40 minutes "requiring" hours of shopping ourselves down seven floors. Great merchandising ploy on the store's part!! The inside dome of the store is gorgeous. And, Angelina's has a cafe in the store so we had lunch and hot chocolate for an energy boost.<BR>St. Martin Canal ride - we took the one that begins at the quai d'Orsay so we got the Seine plus the canal. A leisurely fun 3 hours if you have the time and just want to chill. There were only 8 on the boat, and I sat outside on the front except while the locks were spewing water. As we rose in the locks, there were folks waiting to wave hello. Going the mile or so underground was neat with light holes along the way.<BR>Denhillien (sp?)kitchenware store - daughter was in "pig heaven." Clerks have wicked sense of humor; Franck "learned his English in Moscow training for the KGB" - I think he was joking. When I asked for my package, I was told that what I had paid for was "the pleasure of meeting them." :) [I got my package too.]<BR>French for a Day - was done a little out of the order that was described to me, but a wonderful day. Our guide was a doctor's wife; she talked us into the basement of Poulain's bakery for a description of the process by the baker; took us to a number of classy shops, then the market at Rue Mouffetard and coffee and cake; then on to the cooking class of Mme. Laurance who performed her magic with lamb knuckles and vegetables and a lemon souffle cream while we chopped and stirred around her counter. Of course we left no crumb uneaten so to speak. There were only six of us here so it was very personable.<BR>We filled the rest of the time with attempting to do just about every arron. within sight.<BR>

Beth May 2nd, 2002 01:41 PM

Ooops,how could I forget the wonderful GTG with other Fodorites that Sue put together. Thank you Sue. Hello to all of you.

topper May 6th, 2002 09:20 AM

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aj May 6th, 2002 09:29 AM

Beth,<BR><BR>It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I will be in Paris in two weeks. Where did you go to get the St. Martin Canal ride? It sounds like a lot of fun and a little different.Thank you for your report.

Monica May 6th, 2002 09:29 AM

Hi Beth! Welcome home. Any good restaurants you can recommend? I'm off to Paris on Wednesday!

David May 6th, 2002 09:31 AM

I was in Paris last week and considered the St. Martin's canal ride but decided I didn't have time. Here's a website for them though:<BR><BR>

Beth May 6th, 2002 11:12 AM

Thanks to David for answering about the canel ride. The boat leaves from the quai just a bit east from the Musee d'Orsay; it is not a round trip, unless you pay another fee and have another 3 hours. But the metro is a short walk through the Parc Vilette, and it is easy to get back to the center of Paris or anywhere else you want afterwards. The Parc itself would be worth an hour or so, but we didn't have time (this trip!!). <BR>Monica - we had Indian twice, one Ravi off rue de Bac, one New Rawad (think this is spelled correctly) on Avenue Rapp (past the American Church); both were good, but Ravi would be the one we would return to (small, about 10 tables). We enjoyed the Cote Seine near Pont Neuf; a 30 Euro 3 course meal with picks from entire menu; and the Bistrot de Paris off rue de Bac. First night there was a ham/cheese carry out on the Champs; we were too tired for a real meal.<BR><BR>Can't find websites for the Indian ones but they are on Zagat. The night of our cooking class and "lunch" at 4 p.m., we did carry out again and ate in our room. One meal before the Monday night concert was not memorable enough for me to even recall the name; but we weren't looking to dine, just eat so we wouldn't grumble during the concert. We only made reservations at the Cote Seine because we had a card from our previous meal there last August. The others we walked into and were seated with no problems. I already miss the city, and it has only been a week.<BR>

Beth May 6th, 2002 11:18 AM

Canal not canel; and the boat is docked west of the Musee d'Orsay, not east. Sorry - it has been a rough re-entry!!

Sue May 8th, 2002 06:41 PM

Hi, Beth! So funny you did Canal St. Martin--I have tried on two different trips to do that and have missed the boat literally both times. I think it is not meant to be. And as I walked along the canal I kept wondering why the trip is so great. But then I also got lost going to Auvers-sur-Oise... I will do a trip report--I'm working on it now.

Jade May 8th, 2002 07:08 PM

Hi Beth, thanks for your report. I was in Paris a week and a half ago also. I also went to the St Chapelle Violons concert and was moved to tears at times. Was the head violinist named Paul Rouger? Brunette with curly hair? Wasn't it just amazing!? I am an atheist but the experience was almost spiritual! Thanks for reminding me.<BR>Jade

Sophie May 8th, 2002 07:29 PM

Beth, <BR> Mme. Laurence cooking...How long did the cooking and dining take, 2-3 hours? Is it possible to schedule by our own group of 3. Any more details as far as short cooking classes. <BR> I was happy to see your post. I'm heading to Paris in weeks, and looking for a casual professional cooking class, as well as a fashion show. <BR><BR>Sounds like you had great fun! Sophie

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