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girlaroundtheworld Feb 26th, 2006 06:07 PM

La Traviata or Magic Flute in Prague?
We will be in Prague in May and are trying to decide whether to see The Magic Flute or La Traviata? Any thoughts? They are both at the State Opera.

kenderina Feb 26th, 2006 06:11 PM

Both are great, but I love Verdi and in general , italian opera too much I vote for La Traviata :)))

panecott Feb 26th, 2006 06:46 PM

I second the vote for La Traviata.

Traviata Feb 27th, 2006 03:31 AM

As you can see by my name, of course, La Traviata, my very favorite...

RufusTFirefly Feb 27th, 2006 03:38 AM

I'm partial to The Magic Flute, but both are wonderful. Depending on who is in the productions, either should be a joy.

Hal8999 Feb 27th, 2006 03:45 AM

If you're sufficiently unfamiliar with opera to feel a need to ask for advice, you will probably enjoy La Traviata more.

Nikki Feb 27th, 2006 04:12 AM

See if you can listen to recordings before you decide. Pick the one you'd rather hear live.

HowardR Feb 27th, 2006 04:24 AM

I'll agree with Hal8999's reasoning and advice. See La Traviata.

laverendrye Feb 27th, 2006 05:42 AM

I agree with others that you should choose La Traviata, which is a mainstay of the repertoire for very good reasons.

The Magic Flute is a wonderful opera, and one of my favourites, but it is what is called a "singspiel", that is, a mixture of arias, duets, choruses etc and spoken dialogue. It will likely be presented in the original German, with Czech titles, so that unless you are either familiar with the opera or fluent in German or Czech, you will miss a lot of it.

La Traviata will likely be sung in Italian, again with Czech titles, but if you don't understand it, you can still enjoy the music and spectacle.

Try to listen to a recording or watch a DVD of the opera before you go and you will appreciate it more. You could also read Alexandre Dumas, "La Dame aux Camélias", the novel on which the opera is based.

loisco Feb 27th, 2006 11:52 AM

La Traviata...yes!

clevelandbrown Feb 27th, 2006 12:21 PM

Both are excellent. In Traviata, the heroine finds love, gets sick and dies; in Magic Flute, she finds love and survives.

As children, my kids thought Traviata was sad, and would have preferred the Magic Flute, but as adults I am sure they would find Traviata uplifting.

Is there a chance you could see both?

LuckyLuc Feb 27th, 2006 12:25 PM

An evening at the opera is usually cheap in Prague, why not see both!

P_Texas Feb 27th, 2006 12:50 PM

i also agree to listening to both of them before you decide, as well as to familiarize yourself with the music and story beforehand. as for preferences, magic flute spent about 2 months in my cd player, la traviata has resided there for over 2 years, in spite of DH's laments.

brookwood Feb 27th, 2006 01:25 PM

As a long time opera goer, my vote is for La Traviata. The music of the first two acts is enough to make the evening.

The duet in the second act, if well sung, is dramatic and beautiful.

The first act has some of the most scintillating music in all of opera.

The drinking song, Libiamo, Libiamo in the first of the act vibrant. The climax comes with one of the grandest tour de forces for a dramatic singer in all of opera with the dual arias of
Ah for's è lui and Sempre Libra.
It takes a really good soprano to pull it off, but hopefully you will have one in Prague.

Actually the role of Violetta is very demanding because the soprano must be part coloratura, part lyric, and even do some dramatic singing before it all over.

The role of Germont, the father, is limited mostly to the second act, but it takes a baritone with a rich voice to be effective. He must be good to match the caliber of a good Violetta.

There is nothing wrong with the Magic Flute. I just always thought it was a little silly, but there are political overtones that we don't understand.

amp322 Feb 27th, 2006 07:57 PM

Personally, I always enjoy hearing Mozart in Prague. And since it's his anniversary year, I'd probably choose Magic Flute. They may even have some extra hype surrounding that performance. Anyway, State Theatre is awesome. I'm jealous!! Enjoy whichever you go for!

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